Junk and Bulk Trash Disposal

Junk is collected 3 times a year in the Urban Services District, the former City of Louisville boundaries (map).

Junk Set Out Reminders by email and text message

Sign up to be notified of your junk setout dates by email or text.  We'll notify you a week before and again the day before your dates!

Project Pickup collection and setout dates
Project Pickup Guidelines
What to set out when, where and how:
  • Near but clearly separated from usual trash collection point
  • Before 6 AM on Monday of collection week but no earlier than 4 PM on the Friday before collection week. Civil penalties from $100 to $1000 per day apply to each violation, as well as criminal prosecution and cost of cleanup.
  • Bundle small items or put them in plastic bags loaded weight below 60 pounds. Do not use garbage cans or cardboard boxes.
  • Tree limbs, branches and brush must be cut into four foot lengths no greater than four inches in diameter and securely tied into bundles weighing no more than 60 pounds each.
  • Doors must be removed from large appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

  • No more than four tires per residence.
What not to set out:
  • Items gathered from other locations or households
  • No dirt, gravel or construction or demolition debris.
  • No auto parts.
  • No computer equipment.  (See Electronics Recycling for environmentally friendly disposal.)
  • No hazardous materials such as motor oil, batteries, paint, gasoline, antifreeze, pool chemicals or lawn chemicals. (Those may be disposed of through Haz-Bin).

Tires and appliances with Freon® will be collected separately from other items, and sometimes on different days, during your collection week, If they are not collected by Friday, phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.


Annual Junk and Bulk Waste Drop-Off

Landfill on Grade Lane

A free junk and bulk waste drop-off day, open to all residents of Louisville Metro, is held once a year. Notice is given well in advance of the drop-off date, which usually occurs on a Sunday. The program accepts bulky junk items such as appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc. 

The drop-off program will not accept:

Propane Cylinders
Fire Extinguishers
Hazardous Waste (See Household Hazardous Materials section for more information.)
Computer Monitors
Yard Waste