Crime Maps

Louisville Metro Police uses to display crime on a map in Jefferson County.  

Map Crime Now!


  • Zoom in on the map to see crime around your area, or put your address in the adress bar in the top left to find an address.
  • Sign up for auto email alerts for crime around an address.
  • Report a crime to us anonymously.
  • To view or download in a dataset, visit our Open Data Portal Crime Data.
  • Reports are made available to public after process of internal review.  In most cases, the review is within the same day as report taken.  Due to the nature of some crimes, reports are made available to public upon the completion of a thorough investigation.  Reports of that nature will be made available as soon as practical.
  • The map shows National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)  crimes.  For more info on NIBRS-based crime information, click here.
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