Proposed Land Development Code Amendments

The Land Development Code (LDC), which provides zoning regulations, is often amended. A public hearing by the Louisville Metro Planning Commission is required for any such amendment. Citizens may provide their comments regarding a proposed amendment at the public hearing. After the Planning Commission reviews the amendment and provides its recommendation, Metro Council reviews the amendment and may approve an ordinance enacting it. For an amendment to be in effect in some suburban cities within Jefferson County that have exercised their right to zoning authority under state law, the City Councils and Commissions must approve local ordinances enacting the amendment.


Pending LDC Amendments - Pre Public Hearing (Not Reviewed by the Planning Commission)

  • Tobacco/Vape Shops – Related to the regulation of tobacco/vape shops as defined by Chapter 90 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances.

  • Temporary Housing  – Related to the regulation of termporary group housing uses such as Boarding and Lodging Houses, Rehabilitation Homes, and Transitional Housing.

  • Changing Image Signs – Related to the setback requirement for changing image signs from residentially zoned properties.


Pending LDC Amendments - Post Public Hearing (Acted upon by the Planning Commission, Awaiting Action by Metro Council)

  • None at this time.

Recent LDC Amendments - In Effect (Adopted by Metro Council)

  • Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 085, Series 2019 – An ordinance amending Section 6.2.6 of the Louisville Metro LDC relating to sidewalk fee in lieu and sidewalk waivers.

  • Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 092, Series 2019 - An ordinance amending the Louisville Metro LDC relating to health clubs and similar uses.

  • Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 050, Series 2020 - An ordinance amending the Louisville Metro LDC relating to trees and tree canopy.


Please contact Chris French or Joseph Haberman at (502)574-6230 for more information on any of these amendments.