Neighborhood Meeting Information

Neighborhood Meetings for Development Proposals

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In advance of the public hearings, applicants are required to hold neighborhood meetings for several types of development applications including changes in zoning, new subdivisions, and conditional use permits. No less than 14 calendar days of the neighborhood meeting, a letter shall be sent from the developer/owner stating that a pre-application has been filed with PDS and announcing the date and location of the neighborhood meeting to discuss the proposed project. 

With the formal application for the proposal, the applicant shall provide a summary of the meeting. The summary shall include a list of those invited, those in attendance, and a summary of the issues discussed. The formal application must be submitted within 90 calendar days of the date of the meeting.

Who is required to be noticed of a neighborhood meeting?

  1. First Tier Property Owners – The owner(s) of every parcel of property adjoining at any point, and every parcel directly across the street, from the property that is the subject of the application;
  2. Second Tier Property Owners- The owner(s) of every parcel of property that adjoins the adjoining property or the property directly across the street from said adjoining property within 500 feet of the property that is the subject of the application;
  3. Any person listed in the applicable Planning and Design Services Electronic Notification for Development Proposals List for the appropriate Council District will be sent an email notification (Sign up to be on this list here);
  4. The mayor and city clerk of any second through sixth class city if the development is located within such a municipality;
  5. Metro Council district representative; and
  6. PDS staff.

What are the neighborhood meeting's content requirements?

  1. The applicant/meeting moderator shall maintain a sign-in sheet of the attendees. Anyone who signs the sign-in sheet who did not receive the neighborhood meeting notice shall be added to the official mailing label matrix for all future notices regarding the proposal. Also, any interested parties may contact the applicant to register as an attendee and be included on the sign-in sheet and added to the official mailing label matrix for all future notices regarding the proposal.
  2. The applicant/meeting moderator shall provide an overview of the proposal.
  3. The applicant/meeting moderator shall have a thorough understanding of the proposal and be able to address any questions or concerns by those in attendance.
  4. The applicant shall distribute the After the Neighborhood Meeting flyer to all attendees.