Impound Lot Relocation RFI

Louisville Metro Government staff, including representatives from LMPD, Facilities and Louisville Forward, updated residents today on the city’s search for a new location for the LMPD impound lot, including what options have been offered to date, and next steps.

During a public meeting at Butchertown Pizza Hall, the city said it has received 15 submissions to its Request for Information (RFI) for a new impound lot location, but none fit the necessary criteria. A suitable site must be:

  • Relatively flat,
  • At least 15 acres in size,
  • Centrally located with good access to major roads, and
  • Able to be developed without impacting sensitive features such as creeks or homes.

Suggested locations included a number of industrial properties that were ruled out as being too small, too close to residential areas, or located in the flood plan. A number of novel solutions were proposed, including the purchase of property slated to become the new VA Medical Center at the Brownsboro Road interchange of the Watterson Expressway and use of various parking structures and lifts to create a vertical storage solution.

None of the novel solutions proved feasible, due to financial and operational challenges. The city is still taking submissions for possible locations and novel management solutions, while also working on solutions of its own.

Louisville Metro Government Impound Lot                                                                                                  

While the search for a new location continues, site improvements are planned for the current impound lot.

These include identifying a secondary facility to store vehicles in long-term storage, to free space and start moving illegally parked and abandoned vehicles from city streets; planting vegetation and installing silt fencing at the existing site to control stormwater flow to the adjacent Beargrass Creek; and exploring cost-effective paving to control dust and allow for striping of storage spaces for better inventory management.

Metro Council is considering, as part of the FY19 budget, funding to address impound lot needs.

Located for decades at 1487 Frankfort Ave. in Butchertown, the impound lot is the main temporary storage area for motor vehicles that have been impounded by LMPD and other agencies, and is a longer-term storage area for motor vehicles being held as evidence in a legal proceeding. Although the lot’s actual capacity is 1,800 vehicles, it frequently stores in excess of 2,000 vehicles.

The city announced plans to seek a new location earlier this year, citing space issues, as well as the impound lot’s negative impact on nearby Beargrass Creek and the Beargrass Creek Greenway Trail. The site, a former landfill, is also located in a flood plain and is partially impacted by a high-tension power line crossing it.


Relocation submissions by the public

Impound lot environmental test results

Louisville Metro Codes of Ordinances re: towing

Kentucky Revised Statutes re: impoundment 

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