Jul 9 2015 Where is Your Water Shut-Off Valve?

As the temperatures drop, now is the ideal time to find, and tag, your water shut-off valve. Our video shows you how! Your water shut-off valve controls the water coming into your home, allowing you to turn it off in the event of a leak or water line break. Water line leaks and breaks happen more frequently in colder temperatures.

Jul 9 2015 What Goes Into a Race Water Stop?

There's more to a water stop then filling up cups. Learn about what it takes to keep thousands hydrated. Hours before the first runners take off at the starting line or the Kentucky Derby Marathon and mini-Marathon this Saturday, Louisville Water employees and volunteers will be hard at work readying the roads for their arrival. Actually, they have been preparing for this day for weeks. “There’s a lot that goes into any race,” explains Brad McBride, Distributions and Operations Manager.

Jul 9 2015 A New Age of Service

LINK Gives Every Customer a New Account Number and Ushers in a New Age of Customer Service Louisville Water Company recently launched a new Customer Care and Online Payment System called LINK,, which will provide customers with online access to more information about their water usage as well as increased customer support. 

Jul 9 2015 Information About Extreme Cold Weather

Louisville Water makes special preparations for extreme winter weather as part of its annual winter preparedness plan. At this point, it’s largely business as usual. The primary concern for customers in the next 48 hours is the potential for their private plumbing to freeze. Louisville Water’s Winter Plan includes: Crews dedicated to winterizing fire hydrants that would be susceptible to freezing.

Jul 9 2015 It's Drinking Water Week

Quality, Innovation , Value -- Louisville Water     It's our favorite week of the year - drinking water week! Why? Because we have the chance to celebrate what our forefathers began in 1860 - providing safe, reliable drinking water to the community. Not only is water the healthiest choice for a drink, it's also the most economical. For less than one penny, you can fill 66 cups of water at the tap!  

Jul 9 2015 Cresecent Hill Gatehouse Opens to Rave Reviews

More than 500 people visited the Crescent Hill Gatehouse yesterday for an open house held to commemorate the completion of a yearlong restoration project and the return of the popular Walking Wednesday series.

Jul 9 2015 WOW Them with Water

Parents, are you looking for fun activities to do with your kids over the break? Check out TappersFunZone for some great ideas! Teach your child how water is filtered through building his/her own filtration kit; help them understand the "skin" of water with a jawbreaker; and much more! You might even teach them a little science without them realizing it! Science Steve is happy to help with the teaching, as well!  

Jul 9 2015 West Virginia Chemical Spill Not a Concern for Louisville Water Customers

Louisville Water Company is prepared to handle the chemical that spilled into the Elk River impacting thousands of West Virginians. Traces of the licorice-smelling chemical, 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM), is expected to make its way into our area later this week. The Elk River joins the Kanawha River, which joins the Ohio River.

Jul 9 2015 Busy Day for Louisville Water Crews

Jul 9 2015 It's Thurby - Do You Know Where Your Water Crew Is?

The theatrics of people in big hats and seersucker suits sipping on Mint Juleps. The thrill of betting on a longshot. Gawking at the fancy parties and the celebrities. The Kentucky Derby is all about drama, but there are some kinds of drama nobody wants on that first Saturday in May. Like broken water mains. Or misused fire hydrants.

Jul 9 2015 Walking Wednesdays Return to Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse

The opening of the restored Cresecent Hill Gatehouse marks the return of our popular Walking Wednesday series. Visitors may tour the gatehouse from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. the second Wednesday of every month, June - October. Louisville Water staff and special guests will be on hand to answer questions and offer insights into our history.

Jul 9 2015 Pure Tap, Pure Quality

During April, May and June, Louisville Water Company customers will receive a report card on the quality of their drinking water.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires public water suppliers to prepare the report describing the source and quality of the water it delivers. The report highlights the testing, research and w water quality results during 2014.  Louisville Water met the strict health requirements established by the EPA and the community’s drinking water has excellent

Jul 9 2015 New 10-Digit Account Numbers Coming Soon

Louisville Water is proud to announce LINK - our new customer care and billing sytem, is coming soon to a computer near you! One of the many changes with our new system is an expanded 10-digit account number. When the sytem goes live, if your account is set up for payment through your bank, please ensure you change your account number.  Learn more about LINK. 

Jul 9 2015 Inspecting 60-inch Water Main at Grinstead Dr

On Sunday and Monday, Louisville Water put two unique inspection tools inside the gigantic water main that broke along Grinstead Drive on June 18.  The water main is repaired and the road is open, but before Louisville Water puts the pipe back in service, engineers wanted to confirm its strength.

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Update on West Virginia Chemical Spill

First, this incident is not a health concern for Louisville Water Customers. Louisville Water scientists have worked with the Ohio River Valley Water and Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) since the spill occurred to monitor levels of the chemical MCHM in the Ohio River.