Jul 9 2015 Update on Louisville Water Treatment Strategy for the Elk River Spill

The plume of the chemical MCHM began moving through the Ohio River in Louisville early this morning and poses no health concern for Louisville Water customers.

Jul 9 2015 New Speed Humps along Reservoir Ave Help Control Speeding

Drivers along Reservoir Avenue in Crescent Hill will notice something that Louisville Water hopes will provide a safer environment – speed humps. Today and tomorrow, Louisville Metro Department of Public Works is installing four speed humps on Reservoir Avenue between Brownsboro Road and Frankfort Avenue.

Jul 9 2015 Registering for LINK

Registering for LINK It's an easy 2-step process: 1. First, register as a new user. Create a user name and enter your email address.  2. Next, enroll your account(s) in LINK.   You need your new 10-digit account number and Social Security Number to enroll.   Find your new 10-digit account number on your statement or you can look it up here.  Your Social Security Number allows us to verify your account. Still have questions?

Jul 9 2015 Explaining Your Current Louisville Water Bill

We realize the slight change in the new bill has caused some confusion, and we apologize. Please know your charges have not increased or changed. The current bill now breaks out  more of charges in order to clarify the water fees. To better understand your Louisville Water bill, we've created this page to help explain each section. To the right is a sample bill and below are detailed explanations of each section. We’ve also created a frequently asked questions page about the bill. 

Jul 9 2015 It's Thurby - Do You Know Where Your Water Crew Is?

The theatrics of people in big hats and seersucker suits sipping on Mint Juleps. The thrill of betting on a longshot. Gawking at the fancy parties and the celebrities. The Kentucky Derby is all about drama, but there are some kinds of drama nobody wants on that first Saturday in May. Like broken water mains. Or misused fire hydrants.

Jul 9 2015 Reducing Risk - Maintaining Water Quality

Louisville Water has completed projects that eliminate the use of chlorine gas for water treatment and instead focus on a safer method to produce a safe supply of drinking water. 

Jul 9 2015 Logging Into History

During construction of Louisville Water’s original mains in the 1860’s, 26 miles of cast iron pipes were laid throughout the city to connect to the initial 512 customers.  As we’ve found through the years when replacing old lines, the engineers of that era were very innovative in using natural resources to fill a piping or connection need.

Jul 9 2015 Zero Detections of MCHM in Louisville Drinking Water

Louisville Water Company is managing the trace amounts of the MCHM chemical in the Ohio River and there are no detections of MCHM in Louisville's drinking water.

Jul 9 2015 Look What's Coming!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our new customer care and billing sytem! The new system replaces technology from 2000 - we know, welcome to the latest technology age, finally! There are many new additions and changes wtih this system but the two that impact you as a customer are the new 10-digit account numbers and LINK - our customer care portal.

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water’s Scientists and Expert Noses Provide a Clue on the City’s “Mystery Smell”

It’s no secret that Louisville Water is serious when it comes to the taste of the drinking water.  Scientists are meticulous in the recipe for Louisville pure tap®.  So when Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District needed help in solving the mysterious smell in the city, Louisville Water’s scientists were able to provide a clue.  

Jul 9 2015 SMILE Kentucky! Treatment Day

Over 100 children from 16 schools in Bullitt, Meade, Nelson, Shelby and Spencer counties are receiving free, comprehensive dental treatment today through the SMILE Kentucky! program and it's partners, including Louisville Water. Eliminating tooth pain, teaching principles of proper oral health and providing new smiles are many of the benefits children receive from Smile Kentucky! The U.S. Surgeon General calls tooth decay the number one common, chronic childhood disease.

Jul 9 2015 HomeServe USA Donation Benefits Louisville Water Foundation

A huge thank you to HomeServe USA  for the recent $12,000 donation to Louisville Water in support of the Louisville Water Foundation, an organization that promotes public health and identifies water-related needs in the communities Louisville Water serves and around the world.

Jul 9 2015 Louisville pure tap® to GO

    Hosting a large picnic or graduation party soon? We make it easy to serve the best tasting drink in town - Louisville pure tap®  - to your friends and family with our Louisville pure tap® to GO program. Thanks to Louisville Water engineers who created a way for us to to provide ice-cold drinking water at large community events, you can enjoy pure tap at home and on the go!. It's a great way to quench your thirst without paying a small fortune.

Jul 9 2015 Best Bourbon Partner? pure tap®, of Course!

There appears to be a little cocktail conversation about the best water to serve with bourbon.  A newly plastic bottled “branch water” is creating the stir by suggesting that it’s the same water used to make Kentucky’s signature sensation and is a better bourbon beverage partner than tap water.

Jul 9 2015 FAQs about Your Bill

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about your Louisville Water bill. We've also created a detailed explanation page to better clarify each section.  Where is my 10-digit account number located on the bill? Your new 10-digit account number is located at the top of your bill, in the blue section. How much do I owe? The old bills listed the balance summary at the bottom of the bill.