Oct 23 2015 Councilman Magre to hold Community Meeting on Thursday, October 29th

Councilman Steve Magre is inviting residents of District 10 to a special community meeting on Thursday, October 29th  to update everyone on projects and issues in the district

Oct 23 2015 Councilman Magre issues joint statement on state decision about the problems at the Economy Inn

Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) and Patrick Carrico, President of the Bon Air Neighborhood Association have issued the following joint statement after learning of the decision by a State Hearing Officer that the Economy Inn must be re-inspected

Oct 22 2015 Metro Council Approves Changes to Public Nuisance Ordinance to Deal with Problem Establishments

In unanimous vote, The Louisville Metro Council has approved changes to the city’s public nuisance ordinance that crackdown on criminal activity at hotels and motels and holds the owner of the establishment liable for repeated police visits and arrests on the property.         Under the new ordinance, hotels and motels could face closure if nothing is done about criminal activity.

Oct 21 2015 Councilman Magre applauds neighborhood support as Metro Council prepares to vote on Public Nuisance Ordinance

On Thursday night, The Louisville Metro Council will review and then vote on proposed changes to the city’s public nuisance ordinance. The changes are sponsored by Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) and are designed to curtail criminal activity at problem hotels and motels in Metro Louisville.

Oct 18 2015 MUSCL Senior Wellness Center renamed in honor of the late Jim King

On Friday, October 16th, the MUSCL Senior Wellness Center was renamed and officially dedicated in honor of the late Jim King who passed away in January of this year. 

Oct 2 2015 Councilman Magre disappointed with delay from Norfolk Southern Railroad for needed railroad crossing gates in Buechel

Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) is expressing his disappointment at the delay by Norfolk Southern Railroad to move forward with the installation of needed railroad crossing gates at a dangerous intersection in the Buechel area

Sep 14 2015 Council members raise serious concerns about reorganization of Community Services negatively impacting Neighborhood Place

During a special meeting Monday of the Metro Council’s Community Affairs Committee, several Council members raised concerns about an effort to reorganize staff positions in the Department of Community Services that could negatively impact Neighborhood Places throughout our community.

Aug 27 2015 Councilman Magre releases statement on Costco approval

Louisville – Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) has released the following statement after the Louisville Metro Council gave its approval to a zoning request for Costco to build a new store on Bardstown Road on the site of the old Showcase Cinemas

Aug 26 2015 Councilman Magre issues statement about Health Department actions against the Economy Inn

Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) has issued the following statement upon learning that the Department of Public Health and Wellness has issued a notice of intent to suspend the Economy Inn's operations

Aug 5 2015 “Planes: Fire & Rescue” wraps up another successful season for Movies Under the Stars at Iroquois Amphitheater in Partnership with Louisville Fire & Rescue

Dusty Crophopper and his friends return for more adventure as “Planes: Fire and Rescue” winds up another successful season of Free Summer Movies at Iroquois Amphitheater on Saturday, August 8.
In addition to the free movie, Louisville Fire & Rescue will bring an engine to the park so children can interact with fire fighters. There will also be a fire safety message video before the movie begins.

Jul 29 2015 Metro Council members join LMPD’s Fourth Division for National Night Out in Wyandotte Park on August 4th

It is an opportunity to send a message to criminals and get to know the people who protect us in the fight against crime. That’s the reason why a movement was created more than 30 years ago as neighborhoods across the country decided it was time to take back their streets from crime.
On Tuesday, August 4th, in Wyandotte Park, the LMPD’s Fourth Division invites everyone out to this year’s National Night Out celebration.

Jul 29 2015 Council members Owen and Hollander encourage residents to join Fifth Division LMPD officers for National Night Out

With the back drop of the Peterson-Dumesnil House, residents of Council Districts 8 and 9 will have a chance to find out what’s going in the fight against crime on Tuesday, August 4th.

Jul 29 2015 Council members Shanklin, Ackerson and Magre join LMPD’s Sixth Division for National Night Out

It began by simply asking Americans to turn on their front porch lights as a way of showing criminals the neighborhood was taking back the streets and fighting crime as part of National Night Out.
On Tuesday, August 4th, Council members Barbara Shanklin (D-2), Brent T. Ackerson (D-26) and Steve Magre (D-10) encourage the residents of their districts to join the men and women of the Sixth Division of Louisville Metro Police to learn how they can help in that fight to keep everyone safe.

Jul 10 2015 President Tandy and Metro Council members host Body Cam Forum with LMPD on Tuesday, July 14th

As Louisville Metro Police move forward with plans to expand the use of body cameras for all Officers, President David Tandy (D-4) and several members of the Metro Council will host a forum for the public on Tuesday, July 14th as a way to get questions answers and see a demonstration of how the cameras work.

Jul 6 2015 “The Amazing Spiderman 2” is July’s Movie Under the Stars at the Iroquois Amphitheater

Peter Parker continues his crime fighting crusade as America’s favorite web slinger when “The Amazing Spiderman 2” comes to the Iroquois Amphitheater on Saturday, July 11th as the next Movie Under the Stars.