Apr 25 2018 Metro Department of Corrections terminates two probationary officers for violating use of force policy

Two Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Probationary Officers were terminated on Monday, April 24, after being found in violation of the department’s Use of Force Policy.

Corrections Officers David Schwartz, 47, and Devan Edwards, 21, both hired on Sept. 8, 2017, were found to have used excessive and unnecessary force on a Metro inmate who they say failed to follow their directions in an incident on April 15.

Sep 20 2016 Louisville Metro Corrections and Seven Counties Services launching new ‘Second Chance’ program

Goal is to reduce recidivism among ‘dual diagnosis’ inmates

Mayor Greg Fischer announced a new program today that is designed to reduce recidivism at Louisville Metro Corrections by better ensuring that people arrested while battling mental health challenges and substance abuse get the support necessary to make more stable lives for themselves when released from jail.

Jul 14 2015 Mindfulness Symposium

Mayor Fischer’s Innovation and Delivery team, in partnership with the Department of Corrections, has organized a Mindfulness Symposium taking place this week

Oct 30 2014 Metro Corrections Earns National Accreditation

The Louisville Metro Department of Corrections has earned its first-ever department-wide national accreditation, Director Mark Bolton announced today.