Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Remembers the 1974 Tornado

Louisville Water remembers the 1974 Tornado with photos, text and a short video focused on natural disasters and their impact on Louisville Water.  On April 3, 1974 an F4 Tornado created a 22-mile path of destruction in Louisville. Among the areas with the most severe damage was Crescent Hill. Louisville Water’s filtration plant and reservoir were in the direct path. Learn about the company’s response to this and other natural disasters and the impact on water service in the city. 

Jul 9 2015 Before Meter Readers There Was J. Baxter Kremer

As the sun rises, there’s a flurry of activity at the Allmond Avenue Distribution Center. Twenty-one meter readers pick up devices, load up their jeeps and prepare to capture thousands of water readings. Today, meter readers typically walk a route to record the reading. In more rural areas, they drive by homes and use a device in their truck to pick up a radio signal sent by the meter.

Jul 9 2015 The Visionary Behind Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse

The city of Louisville may have never seen clean, sparkling water had it not been for the work of Charles Hermany, perhaps the most influential chief engineer ever hired by Louisville Water Company.  He was born on October 9, 1830, in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  With a knack for mathematics and an interest in civil engineering, Hermany, standing to the left in the photo, set off for Minerva Seminary in Easton, Pennsylvania; but when his struggling family needed help back on the farm, he hea

Jul 9 2015 Explaining Your Current Louisville Water Bill

We realize the slight change in the new bill has caused some confusion, and we apologize. Please know your charges have not increased or changed. The current bill now breaks out  more of charges in order to clarify the water fees. To better understand your Louisville Water bill, we've created this page to help explain each section. To the right is a sample bill and below are detailed explanations of each section. We’ve also created a frequently asked questions page about the bill. 

Jul 9 2015 We Know It's Crazy, And We're Sorry

As you are aware, Louisville Water recently launched a new customer care and billing system. We realize there have been some bumps in the road since the roll-out of the new system, and for that we offer our most sincere apologies. Longer than normal hold times? Yes. Difficulty registering with LINK? Yes. Unacceptable, as we’ve heard from multiple customers? Yes.

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Hydrates Thousands During IRONMAN Louisville

Louisville Water has a critical role in Sunday's 90+ degree weather - providing thousands of gallons of water to the athletes in the IRONMAN Louisville, presented by Norton Sports Health.

Jul 9 2015 Board of Water Works Approves Interlocal Agreement with MSD

Today the Board of Water Works took the next step in creating a shared services model for certain functions of Louisville Water and MSD.  The Board approved the Due Diligence Analysis Report regarding Louisville Water and MSD and then approved an Interlocal Agreement between the Board and MSD.  The MSD board meets next week and is expected to grant similar approvals.  Then, the Interlocal Agreement will be forwarded to the Kentucky Attorney General for final approval. 

Jul 9 2015 Look Up Your New 10-Digit Account Number

There are many new features to our new customer care and billing system, with one being a new 10-digit account number. Find your new 10-digit account number on your statement or look it up  here.  As with anything new, we're sure you have many questions. Visit our FAQ page for answers!

Jul 9 2015 Cresecent Hill Gatehouse Opens to Rave Reviews

More than 500 people visited the Crescent Hill Gatehouse yesterday for an open house held to commemorate the completion of a yearlong restoration project and the return of the popular Walking Wednesday series.

Jul 9 2015 Where is Your Water Shut-Off Valve?

As the temperatures drop, now is the ideal time to find, and tag, your water shut-off valve. Our video shows you how! Your water shut-off valve controls the water coming into your home, allowing you to turn it off in the event of a leak or water line break. Water line leaks and breaks happen more frequently in colder temperatures.

Jul 9 2015 It's Drinking Water Week

Quality, Innovation , Value -- Louisville Water     It's our favorite week of the year - drinking water week! Why? Because we have the chance to celebrate what our forefathers began in 1860 - providing safe, reliable drinking water to the community. Not only is water the healthiest choice for a drink, it's also the most economical. For less than one penny, you can fill 66 cups of water at the tap!  

Jul 9 2015 Information About Extreme Cold Weather

Louisville Water makes special preparations for extreme winter weather as part of its annual winter preparedness plan. At this point, it’s largely business as usual. The primary concern for customers in the next 48 hours is the potential for their private plumbing to freeze. Louisville Water’s Winter Plan includes: Crews dedicated to winterizing fire hydrants that would be susceptible to freezing.

Jul 9 2015 Busy Day for Louisville Water Crews

Jun 22 2015 We're Missing Pipes But No One Is Missing Water - How?

Monday, June 22, 2015There's a huge hole in the ground and some pipes have been removed, yet no customers are without water. How does that happen? There are several stages in getting a plentiful supply of safe and good tasting water from the Ohio River to our customers: pumping, treatment and distribution. Thursday’s main break has everyone thinking about that last step.

Jun 18 2015 Boil Water Advisory Issued for Crescent Hill and Surrounding AreasThursday, June 18, 2015Louisville Water Company has issued a Boil Water Advisory for approximately 33,000 customers in the Crescent Hill and surrounding areas.  The advisory comes after a 60-inch water main break on Grinstead Drive.  Please see the expanded map and listing of affected streets for more information.  The Boil Water Advisory is for those customers within the boundary lines drawn on the map.