Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water and MSD Announce Transition Coordinator for "One Water" Initiative

Louisville Water and MSD have named Tim Kraus, an engineer with over 28 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry as the Director of Business Transformation for the "One Water" initiative.  Kraus will coordinate the work of employee teams to consolidate support functions at the utilities, track savings and identify additional opportunities for efficiencies.   Kraus will report directly to Louisville Water President and CEO Jim Brammell and MSD Executive Director Greg Heitzman.

Jul 9 2015 New 10-Digit Account Numbers Coming Soon

Louisville Water is proud to announce LINK - our new customer care and billing sytem, is coming soon to a computer near you! One of the many changes with our new system is an expanded 10-digit account number. When the sytem goes live, if your account is set up for payment through your bank, please ensure you change your account number.  Learn more about LINK. 

Jul 9 2015 Hydrant Crews Ensured Water Flowed for Whiskey Row Fire

Footage of the Whiskey Row fire, with firemen pouring thousands of gallons of water into the blaze, made it easy to see the connection with Louisville Water.  But beyond the obvious – we supply the water to fight the fire - there are intertwined historic connections between Louisville Water, the fire department and businesses, including many local distilleries.

Jul 9 2015 Making it Move: Steam, Gravity & Electricity Display Opens at WaterWorks Museum

How do you move millions of gallons of water?  Power. The WaterWorks Museum at Louisville Water Tower Park presents Making it Move as part of "Out of the Archives,” a periodic series of special displays that share Louisville Water's extensive collection of photographs, films, artifacts and architectural drawings, all selected around a central theme.

Jul 9 2015 Refunding of Bonds Saves Louisville Water Company Millions of Dollars

Louisville Water has successfully executed a refunding of a 2006 bond issue that will save the company $6.9 million dollars in present value savings, or $8.5 million total gross savings over the life of the bonds. This morning through a competitive bid process with eleven bidders, Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co., was the winning bidder with a total interest cost of 2.68%.

Jul 9 2015 Going Green: From Green Beans to AutoPay

It may be tough to believe now, but in October 1860, Louisville Water was marketing a product no one really used. Bourbon was the drink of choice, and baths were a luxury. Who would pay for water?

Jul 9 2015 New Speed Humps along Reservoir Ave Help Control Speeding

Drivers along Reservoir Avenue in Crescent Hill will notice something that Louisville Water hopes will provide a safer environment – speed humps. Today and tomorrow, Louisville Metro Department of Public Works is installing four speed humps on Reservoir Avenue between Brownsboro Road and Frankfort Avenue.

Jul 9 2015 Crazy Day at Louisville Water

We've had seven water main breaks today (since midnight).  We have extra crews tonight and tomorrow.  Most of these breaks are in neighborhoods with the exception of the break on the 20-inch transmission main on Story Avenue.  That section of Story will be closed through tomorrow although we're working to get the customers impacted back in water as soon as possible.   

Jul 9 2015 We're Missing Pipes But No One Is Missing Water - How?

There's a huge hole in the ground and some pipes have been removed, yet no customers are without water. How does that happen? There are several stages in getting a plentiful supply of safe and good tasting water from the Ohio River to our customers: pumping, treatment and distribution. Thursday’s main break has everyone thinking about that last step.

Jul 9 2015 Local Support for Investing in Water Infrastructure

This week, a number of water-related organizations and water utilities called attention to the need to invest in the water mains across the United States that deliver millions of gallons of drinking every day.  Louisville Water was one of 30 large utilities participating in a research project that called attention to the impact of investing in water-related infrastructure, both from a water quality standpoint and jobs and competitiveness.

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Company Receives Top Credit Ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services (S&P) and Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) have assigned the highest credit ratings for Louisville Water’s Board of Water Works 2014A refunding revenue bonds.  The Board is the governing body for Louisville Water which serves over 850,000 people in Louisville Metro and surrounding counties.

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Receives National Award for Research and Innovation

Louisville Water was one of two utilities honored by the Water Research Foundation for a commitment in protecting public health and advancing the science of drinking water. President and CEO Jim Brammell accepted the Outstanding Subscriber Award at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference in Boston. 

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Crews Battle the Cold and Water

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Continues Pursuit of Innovation in Water Quality & Supply

Since we pumped the first gallon of water into homes in 1860, Louisville Water’s goal has been to provide the purest supply of water to our customers. Company visionaries such as then Chief Engineer Thomas Scowden and his assistant, Charles Hermany, created treatment systems that are still in use today. Louisville Water is always seeking more natural ways to treat our water supply. One such way is Riverbank Filtration.

Jul 9 2015 Louisville Water Launches New Website

Louisville Water has partnered with Net Tango to launch a new website that is easy to use for customers and the community.  The new LouisvilleWater.com site officially launched on September 3, 2014 with simple navigation, clean graphics and images, and concise search capability for an overall enhanced website experience.