Jul 9 2015 SMILE Kentucky! Treatment Day

Over 100 children from 16 schools in Bullitt, Meade, Nelson, Shelby and Spencer counties are receiving free, comprehensive dental treatment today through the SMILE Kentucky! program and it's partners, including Louisville Water. Eliminating tooth pain, teaching principles of proper oral health and providing new smiles are many of the benefits children receive from Smile Kentucky! The U.S. Surgeon General calls tooth decay the number one common, chronic childhood disease.

Jul 9 2015 HomeServe USA Donation Benefits Louisville Water Foundation

A huge thank you to HomeServe USA  for the recent $12,000 donation to Louisville Water in support of the Louisville Water Foundation, an organization that promotes public health and identifies water-related needs in the communities Louisville Water serves and around the world.

Jul 9 2015 Best Bourbon Partner? pure tap®, of Course!

There appears to be a little cocktail conversation about the best water to serve with bourbon.  A newly plastic bottled “branch water” is creating the stir by suggesting that it’s the same water used to make Kentucky’s signature sensation and is a better bourbon beverage partner than tap water.

Jul 9 2015 What's the "old water company block?"

Omni Hotels & Resorts is bringing a new, 30+floor building to downtown Louisville.  Construction will begin later in 2015 for the multi-purpose structure situated between Second and Third Streets with Muhammad and Liberty Streets.  As city leaders and media describe the plan, there are references to the site as the “old water company block”  for good reason.   Louisville Water has always had an office building on Third Street.

Jul 9 2015 Moving Forward with One Water Concept

Louisville Water and MSD are ready to take the next step in bringing together some of the support functions at each organization. Sharing services as part of the One Water concept will provide for more efficient operations, reduce the size of future rate increases and ultimately save customers money.

Jul 9 2015 Cold Weather Tips

When the temperature takes a nose dive, water in your pipes can freeze, causing them to burst. Water floods your home and ruins your furnishings, and you have to pay to have it all repaired and replaced. It’s costly and inconvenient. But it doesn’t have to happen if you follow these simple precautions. Wrap Up for Winter Wrap exposed pipes with insulating material.  Pipes under kitchen sinks, in crawl spaces, near windows or in unheated basements are areas susceptible to freezing.

Jul 9 2015 Pure Tap, Pure Quality

During April, May and June, Louisville Water Company customers will receive a report card on the quality of their drinking water.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires public water suppliers to prepare the report describing the source and quality of the water it delivers. The report highlights the testing, research and w water quality results during 2014.  Louisville Water met the strict health requirements established by the EPA and the community’s drinking water has excellent

Jul 9 2015 Why Is There A Robot In Your Water Line?

Situated on the side of a busy highway, engineers set up what some might call the ultimate remote-controlled tank.  Carefully, with only a few inches to spare, a technician lowers what looks like a small tank into a 30-inch water main.  The device is a robot called PureRobotics® and it’s about to give Louisville Water a glimpse into this critical piece of infrastructure. 

Jul 9 2015 Inspecting 60-inch Water Main at Grinstead Dr

On Sunday and Monday, Louisville Water put two unique inspection tools inside the gigantic water main that broke along Grinstead Drive on June 18.  The water main is repaired and the road is open, but before Louisville Water puts the pipe back in service, engineers wanted to confirm its strength.

Jul 9 2015 Let's Chat

Plummenting temperatures and frigid wind chills mean staying indoors as much as possible! Put your extra time to good use and join us for a Twitter chat on Thurs (1/8) from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. at @LouisvilleWater, #TagIt. We'll be answering any winter-related water questions you might have, such as how to find and tag your water shut-off valve, testing the valve, winterizing your pipes or what to do in the case of a water main break at your home. We look forward to staying warm and chatting!

Jul 9 2015 Original Pumping Station and New WaterWorks Museum Opens to the Public

The First Interior Renovation in 43 Years Includes Museum That Features Architectural, Engineering and Innovative Water Wonders

Jul 9 2015 Switchboard, touch-tone and mobile

As technology changes, so must customer care                                           

Jul 9 2015 Great Space, Great Place, Great Race!

Louisville Water Tower Park offers special rate, activities and view for the Great Steamboat Race Add Wednesday, April 29's Great Space, Great Place, Great Race  at Louisville Water Tower Park to your Derby must-do list! For only $20 a carload, the public can watch the Kentucky Derby Festival Great Steamboat Race from the banks of the Ohio from 12 noon - 8:00 p.m.  

Jul 9 2015 UofL Gets Back to the Tap

Louisville Water Company and the University of Louisville have joined forces to promote the value of the city’s drinking water supply, Louisville pure tap® and reduce the use of bottled water on campus. For the past several years, UofL has upgraded campus drinking water fountains to include spigots to fill reusable water bottles.  Now, five UofL buildings feature signage encouraging students, faculty and staff to “get back to the tap.” The fountains are in UofL’s College of Business, Ekstrom

Jul 9 2015 Stop by Cresecent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse for Walking Wednesday

Curious what’s inside the Gothic-style structure at the Crescent Hill Reservoir?  Walking Wednesday tours return on July 8, providing information about the history of Louisville Water’s architecture and operations. Louisville Water staff offers guided tours on the second Wednesday of each month from 11am – 7pm, from June through September.  The Crescent Hill Reservoir is located near 201 Reservoir Avenue, between Frankfort Avenue and Brownsboro Road.