We're 1 - Thanks for the Fun!

March 2, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015More than 225 people visited Louisville Water Tower Park on Sunday for the Big Splash Birthday Bash, celebrating the one-year anniversary of the park and its WaterWorks Museum. The event featured kids activities, guided walking tours, cake and educational presentations, all for the special admission price of just $1. Many of the attendees had ties to Louisville Water Company, including a man whose great great grandfather had emigrated from Ireland to Louisville and worked on the original Water Works. A former police officer who’d guarded the pumping stations during the few weeks after the 9-11 tragedies when the country was on heightened alert for additional attacks was also in attendance. James Brooks, who works as a cashier for Louisville Water, brought his son J.J. to the museum in hopes he would soak in some local history knowledge. “I’m a history buff,” he explained, pointing to a historical photo within the Water Works Museum that shows the flooded pumping stations during the 1937 Flood. “I brought him here so he could see all of this stuff.” Even those without personal ties to Louisville Water or even the region appreciated the museum, guided tours and educational offerings. Charlene Sexton, who moved to Louisville from Wisconsin in 2006, said she learned from every piece of the park experience. “I think education is really, really important,” the first-time visitor to the museum said. “So for me, seeing the educational partnerships that take place and all the information in the museum, I just loved that.” Sexton works at the Louisville Veterans Administration Hospital, which is located right up the street from the Water Tower on Zorn Avenue in the spot that once housed Louisville Water’s first reservoir. After visiting the museum, she appreciates that connection more than ever. “I try to envision the landscape and how it must have looked back then, and I think about how much water we use. I’m a hospice and palliative care social worker, so I am constantly worried about people being dehydrated.” In its first year of operations, the WaterWorks Museum has welcomed visitors from 34 different states and seven foreign countries. Tour guides have traveled more than 180 miles during their hourly tours, which cover the history of innovation, the logistics of our operations today and plenty of colorful stories from the past. With one year under its belt, Louisville Water Tower Park looks forward to many more. "The first year of operations has exceeded our expectations," said Kelley Dearing Smith, Communications & Government Relations Director.  "Louisville Water's site along the Ohio River is a perfect platform to talk about the value of water both 150 years ago and today.  In its second year, we're excited to offer additional programs and exhibit pieces that highlight water's connection to our community."