Two in one Week: two vehicles impounded in District 1 for illegal dumping on Grand Avenue

August 15, 2019

Louisville – Grand Avenue turned out to be a place of unwanted activity this past week in the area of illegal dumping. But Officers of Solid Waste Management Services were able to impound not one but two vehicles for that illegal activity.

“I want to thank the hard work of these dedicated SWMS officers who, with the communities help, continue to send out a strong message that our streets and neighborhoods are not anyone’s personal dumping grounds,” said Councilwoman Jessica Green (D-1). “If you decide to illegally dump in District 1 or anywhere in our city it will be costly if you are caught.”

At the beginning of the week, SWMS officers tracked down one vehicle that dumped a mattress in the 4100 block of Grand Avenue. Then today, officers impounded a second vehicle that was involved in dumping tree debris in the 3800 block of Grand Avenue.

Under the Metro Code of Ordinances both vehicles were impounded because of illegal dumping. The vehicle at 4100 Grand Avenue was the seventh impounded of the year, the culprit received a $500 citation and will have to pay approximately $250 for impound and storage fees.

 The vehicle at 3800 Grand Avenue was the eighth. In total, the illegal dumper received a citation with a fine of $500 and a cleanup charge of $250. Also, they will have to pay approximately $250 for impound and storage fees.

The Louisville Metro Council changed the law to allow impounding of any vehicle involved in illegal dumping as a way to make the practice as costly as possible.