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April 8, 2020
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Welcome: These Are the Days of Our Lives

For the latest news and comprehensive information relating to the local, state and federal government responses to the coronavirus crisis, please visit these linked websites. 

Two weeks ago, in this space, I described my adjusted daily workload during the partial government shutdown with no public meetings or events – answering constituent communications, armchair traffic engineering, conferring with the mayor and incident management team, etc. 

This reporting period was a variation on the theme.  In addition to the foregoing, I worked with State Senator Morgan McGarvey, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Louisville Metro Public Works on road projects and budgets.  I worked with the administration, including parks officials and the police department, to close the Scenic Loop in Cherokee Park to vehicle traffic to improve social distancing and safe and healthy recreation.  And I worked with a chain restaurant franchisee to feed the hungry at local Boys & Girls Clubs and the Franciscan Kitchen shelter house. 

But the most important work I did since my last column was in my personal and family capacity.  We stayed home.  We completed our 2020 Census questionnaire online.  We ordered take-out from a half dozen local independent restaurants.  We participated in a poem exchange.  We made a rainbow and hung it in our window for folks to find on a rainbow hunt.  We delivered a meal to a colleague who is on the road to recovery from the coronavirus.  We lit our home green to show solidarity during the outbreak.  I am sacrificing razors and shaving products to contribute to the war effort;)

We’re all homebound and down these days but what you do matters.  There are countless other ways to support your block, your building, small businesses, essential workers, arts and social services organizations, local journalism and the whole community.  One easy way is giving to the One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund.  Another is to smile – or wave, if you are wearing a facemask.  Finally, it is important to take good care of yourself.  If you need help today, tomorrow or someday – food, housing or just a mental health break and someone to talk to – then please call me: (502) 851-5652.  I am not going anywhere.    



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