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August 28, 2019
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Welcome: End of Daze

This being the last newsletter of the summer, I will keep it quick.  (Yes, I know the autumnal equinox is on September 23rd; I mean the cultural summer season.)

We are all in for a long fall.  (No gloomy pun intended.)  Not only are classes and football season back upon us but, given the fiscal reality facing us today, so too already is budget season.  Then, there is prep for the General Assembly regular session, strategic plan deadlines to meet, legislation hanging out there to bring to a vote, infrastructure projects to nudge along and other business to attend to before the holidays. 

After summer in the city in a bit of a funk, this town needs a renewed sense of energy and urgency; a shot in the arm; a win over Notre Dame (asking too much?) – something to shake us from our daze.

So, get out and enjoy Labor Day Weekend.  Find inspiration in family and friends.  Celebrate your wedding anniversary.  (Happy 7th, ASA!  XOXO!!)  Come back ready to work.  That’s my plan, at least.    


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