Sixteen Small Businesses Receive Loans Totaling $115,000

April 6, 2015

Louisville Community Services’ Agency Loans help local businesses grow and develop 

Loans totaling $115,000 have been awarded to 16 small businesses to help them start or expand. The loans are part of a program to support microbusinesses – those with five or fewer employees – created by the Louisville Metro Department of Community Services.

The loans, funded by federal dollars from a Community Development Block Grant by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist low to moderate-income microbusiness owners, are:

  • $15,000 loan to Mor's International Grocery, LLC located at 3927 Bardstown Road. The loan will allow the owner, Momath Sall, to purchase more equipment, increase inventory and install a gas trap. This project will add two full-time positions. 
  • $15,000 loan to Paradise Island Tea, LLC dba Tamra Means who specializes in the food service industry. This will allow the owner to purchase supplies and inventory for production and marketing materials. Products can be purchased in Paul’s Fruit Market, Garden Gate Fruit Market and Value Market on Bardstown Road.
  • $12,000 loan to Fhonia Ellis dba (doing business as) Rebirth Designs by Fhonia, located at 455 South 4th Street. This loan will allow the owner to purchase production items, a technology site, sewing supplies and marketing materials.
  • $10,000 loan to Terrell Ellis dba Primary Cosmetics, LLC located at 1809 West Broadway. This will allow the owner to purchase equipment and a production line to help with educational development. This project will add four part-time positions.
  • $8,000 loan to Psyche Comfort Products, LLC. This will allow the owner and inventor, Todd Deetsch, to provide a sleep pillow which he invented and produces for CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), a treatment for people with breathing problems.
  • $7,000 loan to Always Images Family Photography, LLC, an existing business that offers photography on location and at special events. The loan will help the owner, Chanel Wells, purchase updated photography equipment, décor and supplies.
  • $5,000 loan to Success Akinfenwa dba Good NewsOne, LLC, a start-up transportation, courier and shipping service. This loan will allow the owner to purchase a vehicle and support transportation for customers.
  • $5,000 loan to Coco Cakes, LLC, Shacole Henderson, owner of a start-up business located at 501 W Oak Street. This loan will assist in purchasing some new equipment.
  • $5,000 loan to Bruce D. Willis dba Tidy Janitorial LLC to purchase inventory and equipment. The loan will help the owner start his janitorial franchise business.
  • $5,000 loan to Tax Incorporated, Lisa Shively. The loan will allow the owner to purchase tax software, equipment and supplies to start her own tax business.
  • $5,000 loan to Angela Flemons dba Chosen Enterprise Group, LLC, a start-up business specializing in unique publishing services for clients in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. The loan will help purchase office furniture, printing equipment and supplies.
  • $5,000 loan to S. Lynn O’Neil Attorney at Law, LLC, located at 600 West Main Street, Suite 500. This loan will help the owner purchase advertising and marketing materials for her new start-up business offering legal presentations.
  • $5,000 loan to Marrisa Nichole Austin dba MyHeart2YourHands, a start-up catering food service. The loan will allow the owner to purchase additional supplies and equipment.
  • $5,000 loan to Chyna Bradley dba Emma Lee’s Salon and Spa, a start-up business located at 2620 S. 4th Street. The loan will allow the owner to purchase equipment.
  • $5,000 loan to Chea Woolfolk dba Kymberi Shoe Designs to assist with start-up costs and to purchase supplies and equipment.
  • $3,000 loan to Al Hassan, owner of Empire Tires 3, LLC, located at 6702 Southside Drive. The loan will allow the owner to purchase supplies to retain business.

The microbusiness program is part of the Advocacy and Empowerment division of Community Services that provides financial empowerment services, training, technical assistance and loan programs to help create and expand new businesses. For more information about Community Services’ microbusiness trainings and loan opportunities, visit



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