Shelby Park Neighborhood Association encourages Front Porch Fridays as neighbors stay alone on their porches, practicing social distancing, but together!

April 2, 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Shelby Park Neighborhood Association announced today it will promote Front Porch Fridays as a means of acting independently while apart but together during this time when the Mayor and Metro Council encourages everyone to practice social distancing and other means to avoid transmittal of the COVID-19 as restrictions remain in place. 

The first Friday will be April 3 from 6-8 pm and neighbors should stay on their porches while checking on their neighbors on each side and across their streets. President Chip Rogalinski of the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association echoed local, statewide and national call.

“Let’s follow our Governor and Mayor by staying healthy at home this Friday and being together by staying apart,” he said. “It is very important that we all look out for each other and stay in touch, not contact with our neighbors during this time.”

With many front porches found in historic Shelby Park, the neighborhood’s various types of housing lends itself to social distancing and allowing neighbors to put kindness into practice by staying apart but in eyesight. 

The neighborhood association invites Metro Council leadership to participate and their Metro Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith will drive around, practicing social distancing, and remind neighbors and the neighborhood we are all in this together.  Together we will get through this time.

“Let’s follow our Governor and Mayor by staying Healthy at Home and Being Together by Staying Apart,” says Sexton Smith, “I’ll be driving through our Shelby Park Neighborhood in the BSS Mobile waving and smiling at folks sitting on their porches and in their yards as we all practice Social Distancing.”

This first-time event included details on the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association’s Facebook profile.  The neighborhood association expects neighbors to practice social distancing, six feet apart, and to use their respective porches as their tool to measure and abide by the guidelines.

About Shelby Park Neighborhood Association

The SPNA is comprised of residents, property owners, businesses and other organizations in the Shelby Park neighborhood of Louisville, KY. We seek to work for the common good of our community through various activities and partnerships designed to promote civic pride and community spirit. The SPNA desires to improve the quality of life in Shelby Park while maintaining our distinct cultural and economic diversity.  We are committed to inclusivity and welcoming all to live in our neighborhood while avoiding the displacement of any current residents.

For more information about the Front Porch Fridays, contact Chip Rogalinski at (502) 417-5336 or follow the event on Facebook.