Sen. Seum honored for support of felony gun law

June 6, 2018

Louisville officials thank Senator for his continued support to improve public safety in Louisville through legislation

Mayor Greg Fischer and Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad welcomed state Senator Dan Seum to the offices of the 9th Mobile Division Wednesday to thank him for sponsoring legislation that passed this year to strengthen penalties for repeat offenders who use guns to commit crimes.

Senator Seum sponsored Senate Bill 210, which was passed through both chambers this session and signed into law by Gov. Matt Bevin. SB210 enhances the penalties for felony gun possession when it is the second offense or greater and the firearm or handgun was used in the furtherance of another crime.

“This is a good bill that will keep our citizens safe,” said Mayor Fischer. “It will hold those people committing crimes with guns accountable for their actions, especially as they continue to use guns after being previously convicted and ordered not to possess guns.”

Chief Conrad, along with Maj. Billy Hibbs, said he was honored to host Senator Seum with the 9th Mobile Division, which was created to focus on those in our community who commit the most violent crimes, with an emphasis on getting guns off the street. Already this year, the 9th Mobile has taken 238 guns off the streets, with 41 percent of those coming from convicted felons. Since it began operating in 2015, the 9th Mobile has seized nearly 1900 guns.

“Senator Seum has long been a supporter of law enforcement,” said Chief Conrad. “We appreciate his continued efforts to help us get the resources and tools we need to keep Louisville safe.”

Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine was unable to attend today’s event but said: “On behalf of the people of Jefferson County, I want to express my thanks to Senator Dan Seum for his guidance and support.  This was a cooperative effort between the Louisville Metro Police Department, the Mayor’s Office, and the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney. Together we drafted a law that ensures that convicted felons will face more serious consequences for repeatedly using firearms and handguns.”