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January 17, 2019
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On March 26, 2018, at a public meeting at HopCat, William Dean of William Dean’s Salon at 1265 Bardstown Road became the first signatory of A Petition Requesting the Creation of a Highlands Management District.  I was just wrapping up my presentation, the first of three to be held in large group settings that week, when William stood up and said, “I think this is a great idea.  I want my customers to have a better experience of Bardstown Road.  Where do I sign?”

In that moment, already more than a year into the prework required to pull the proposal together, I knew I was in for an epic journey.  My inspiring vision and soaring oratory had convinced a gentleman to invest an additional 17.45 cents per $100 of assessed property value in the commercial corridor right there on the spot!  The only problem was that William was the only person standing and waving a pen.  This was going to take some time.

I wrote in detail about this “Business Improvement District” plan of mine in The Notorious B.I.D. Edition of District 8 eNews last July.  If you own property on this map, then I urge you to read the recap.  In pertinent part, I gave myself a deadline of December 31st to collect the requisite number of signatures needed to perfect the petition or else declare the venture a bust.  Obviously, New Year’s Eve has come and gone but due to extenuating circumstances I am extending the limit.  The new and final drop-dead date on the Highlands Management District referendum is March 26th – one year to the day the petition was signed for the first time.

In the months since the HopCat meeting, I’ve made hundreds of phone calls and emails, attended dozens of small individual meetings and collected scores of signatures and commitments.  I have 52 of the 94 signatures I need (55%) – including HopCat’s – in hand and I expect that figure to grow by double-digits by month’s end.  The final 3/26 tally will be close because the search cost of 282 transactions (in time and energy) is extremely high but I intend to sprint to the finish.

Thank you for your leadership and support to property owners Louis Adamson, Ned Bass, Jeff Beck, Andy Blieden, Nick Boone, Todd Brashear, Ralph Bridgers, Sherman Buschemeyer, Lauren Coulter, William Dean, Harvey Diamond, Jeffrey Drake, Perry Factor, Fifth Third Bank, Fran Jasper, Joyce Garner, Orbin Greene, Chip Hamm, James House, Matthew House, Diana Kuznetsova, Michael LaFramboise, Fred Levein, Mary Mattingly, McDonald’s, David Nicklies, Old Town Wine & Spirits, Karl Otto, Park Community Credit Union, Parkside Bikes, Tom Payette, Terrell Pendleton, Tim Peters, PMR Companies, Mary Barbara Quinn, Ron Tasman, Davind Sahni, Kenneth Schnurr, Darryl Schulte, Terri Ross, Alison Torpey, Tyler Trotter, Yang Kee Noodle and anyone I have missed.  



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