Resolution calls for ‘no confidence’ vote regarding Metro Corrections director, executive staff

January 31, 2022

Resolution sponsors: Council members Holton Stewart, James, Fox

Louisville – Councilwoman Amy Holton Stewart (D-25) and Council President David James (D-6) hosted a press conference Monday morning to announce they will file a resolution expressing no confidence in the leadership of the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections.

The Council members believe the jail's leadership had several opportunities over the last few years to get ahead of serious, long-standing issues. However, seeing little progress or urgency, the resolution's sponsors believe Metro Corrections Director Dwayne Clark and his executive staff are failing to properly lead the officers and protect the inmates. 

“The jail is understaffed and overcrowded, and that is creating a dangerous scenario for both the officers and inmates. Despite Metro Council making every effort to work with the Metro Corrections administration, Director Clark is failing to prioritize positive changes with any sense of urgency. Metro Council needs to send a clear message that we no longer have any confidence in Director Clark’s leadership,” said Councilwoman Holton Stewart (D-25).

Six inmates died while in the custody of Metro Corrections in the last 12 months, and the FBI is currently investigating one of those deaths. 

“Director Clark and his Executive Staff have failed on several occasions to address the serious issues of how contraband is being smuggled into Metro Corrections. Councilwoman Holton Stewart brought forward the innovative idea to fund a Corrections K9 Unit, which Metro Council voted to support. However, Director Clark has resisted taking quick action with this opportunity, and that’s unacceptable,” said President James (D-6).

The resolution calling for a vote of ‘no confidence’ supports the concerns that many officers already voiced. On September 28, 2021, the Metro Corrections FOP voted 216 to 6 that they had no confidence in Director Clark and his administration.

Under Director Clark’s leadership, officer morale clearly deteriorated within the jail, and now there are around 150 vacancies.

Councilman Mark Fox (D-13) is also a sponsor of the resolution.

“The primary responsibility of government is the protection of its citizens, and that includes those in our custody,” said Councilman Fox. “Recent events, including a manpower shortage that did not occur overnight, have shaken my confidence in the current management team’s ability to lead. The officers of LMDC do an extremely challenging job very well and deserve leaders that provide a safe and well managed work environment. Those in our custody deserve the same!”

The resolution will be filed by the New Business deadline on Monday. It is expected to be assigned to committee for discussion during the Metro Council meeting on Thursday, February 3.



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