Regulation 5.15, July 15, 2020, Public Meeting Follow-up Information

July 21, 2020

Follow-up Information for July 15, 2020 Public Meeting
on Regulation 5.15, Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions


The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (APCD) held a Public Meeting to discuss an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) for Regulation 5.15, Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions (also known as the “Risk Management Plan (RMP)” Rule) on Wednesday, July 15.  The meeting recording and presentation slides, the ANPR, and a Fact Sheet, can be reviewed at

As a reminder, APCD is soliciting informal comment on adopting any of the full range of options from (1) the current minimum federal standards (see for the most recent changes); to (2) the regulations as they stood prior to this past December (see for information on the previous RMP Amendments Rule); or (3) any of the range of options from the 2016 proposal (available at the link above for the RMP Amendments Rule). The comment period ends on August 25. The District intends to host at least one additional public meeting before the close of the comment period.

Comments or questions on the ANPR, or feedback on the time and date of additional meeting(s) and how best to reach the public can be sent to [email protected].