Public meetings to be held to discuss two-way conversion of 3rd Street

September 22, 2017

Louisville Metro’s Department of Public Works and Office for Advanced Planning will hold two public meetings from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. on Sept. 25 and Oct. 4 at Louisville Slugger Field, 401 E. Main Street, to discuss 3rd Street being converted to a two-way street from Broadway to Main Street.


The meetings are designed to allow citizens to view and to discuss the street conversion with Metro staff. The planned changes implement recommendations of Move Louisville, the city’s 20-year multi-modal plan.


Advantages of two-way street conversion include:

Increased safety – traffic flows faster on one-way streets, leading to more, and potentially more serious, pedestrian-car conflicts;
Improved circulation – one-way streets create the need for more circulation which leads to indirect routes to destinations;
Increase in visibility for businesses – one-way streets reduce visibility for businesses on cross streets;
Increased mobility – drivers, especially visitors, are easily disoriented in a one-way system. Additionally, one-way street networks often require longer walks from parking facilities and to bus stops.


For more information on this project and two-way street conversions in general, visit