Public Health and Wellness at the Kentucky State Fair

August 13, 2019

The Kentucky State Fair opens Thursday, August 15. Employees from the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness will be there during the Fair’s eleven-day run inspecting food vendors to make sure the food that fair goers eat is safe.Employees will also be staffing a safe and quiet place to for moms to breastfeed as well as a clean area and supplies for families to change children’s diapers.Public Health and Wellness employees will also distribute information on lead poisoning prevention, mosquito control and radon.

Keeping Fair Food Safe

As they are every year, Public Health and Wellness food safety inspectors will be at the fair daily coordinating the efforts of local and state health inspectors to ensure the food that fair goers enjoy is prepared and stored in a safe and sanitary manner.  During the fair’s 11-day run, inspectors will make more than 1,500 inspections of food vendors. Inspectors will also provide food safety training to more than 300 food workers before and during the opening days of the fair.

Rock N Relax

For the 29th year, Public Health and Wellness will team up with Baptist Health Louisville to sponsor Rock N Relax area at the fair.  Rock N Relax is a quiet, comfortable place where moms can breastfeed, and families can change their babies in a comfortable, clean setting. The Rock N Relax room can be found in section B100 in the lobby area of the South Wing at the fairgrounds. It has rocking chairs, changing tables, wipes, and diapers in several sizes.  Visitors to the Rock N Relax area can also pick up information on nutrition, breastfeeding, child health, and the WIC program. Last year Rock N Relax provided services to more than 5,100 visitors.


Public Health and Wellness will also be teaming up with the Kentucky Department for Public Health and the Louisville Medical Reserve Corps to provide fair goers with the most current information on how to prevent lead poisoning in the home, how to control mosquitoes, and on how to join the Medical Reserve Corps to serve your community during an emergency. Fair goers can also learn how they can get a free kit to test for radon in the home. Radon is a naturally occurring odorless, colorless gas that can cause lung cancer through prolonged exposure.

Important Reminder: Wash Your Hands after Petting Animals!

State fair season also brings an increase in interactions between people and animals. Some of the most common harmful germs people get from animals at exhibits are E. coli O157:H7, Cryptosporodium, and Salmonella, but there are also many other types of germs that can spread between animals and people. Children five years of age and younger, people with weakened immune systems and adults over 65 years of age  are more likely to get sick from the germs animals can carry and should take extra precautions at animal exhibits. Everyone should avoid taking food or drink into animal exhibits, and parents are reminded not to take toys, pacifiers, cups or baby bottles animal areas.  Hand washing with soap and running water after visiting any areas with animals is strongly encouraged.  Frequent hand washing any day is an effective way to help prevent the spread of germs and disease.