President Tandy thanks Metro Public Works and MetroSafe workers for their efforts in the latest winter storm

March 5, 2015

Louisville – As Metro Louisville begins digging out from a foot of snow and more in some areas, President David Tandy (D-4) is issuing a thank you to those who have worked long hours to make the streets safe and handle emergencies.

          “I applaud the dedication of our crews with Metro Public Works who have been working almost around the clock during this snow event and the previous one,” said Tandy. “We have a dedicated group of people who are out there now making sure we can safely travel.”

          The President also said the city owes a great of thanks to the people at MetroSafe and all emergency services workers who have handled the calls of help from people in need fromn call dispatchers, to all police, fire and EMS crews.

          “Weather events such as these demand a great deal of patience from those who are trying to help people on the other end of the telephone,” said Tandy. “They handle the calls of those who cannot get about in this kind of snowfall or those who might find themselves stranded and in need of help. Our public safety workers have been there to make sure, we can get a loved one to the hospital or help a stranded driver along the road.”

          Tandy also reminded property owners of their responsibility by law to keep sidewalks cleared during heavy snowfall. He says the city is working as fast as it can to get streets cleared and no one wants to jeopardize anyone’s safety by having them walk out in the street instead of on the sidewalk.

          “If you are in pretty good shape and have finished with your driveway and sidewalk, then go check on an elderly neighbor or someone who might need help with theirs,” said Tandy. “In times like these, we should  and can make the effort to help out our neighbors.”