President Tandy announces expansion of Curbside Recycling program for residents in District 4 in honor of Earth Day

April 22, 2015

Louisville – In honor of Earth Day and as a way to enhance sustainability of the environment, President David Tandy has announced 100 new large wheeled recycling carts will be made available to residents in District 4.

“I can think of no better way for us to be good stewards of the planet than to renew our commitment to recycling and keeping plastic out of our landfill,” said Tandy. “So today, I want to help anyone who would like to get involved with enhanced curbside recycling in District 4.”

The President’s office has purchased 100 of the large wheeled recyclable carts used by Solid Waste Management of Metro Public Works to be handed out to anyone in the district on a first come first serve basis. The carts, which resemble what is already used for garbage collection, can hold more recyclables and have proven to help reduce tons of materials from going into the metro landfill.

He presented the first cart to District 4 resident Ifeoma Nwachukwu during today’s announcement.

These larger carts where first introduced on a trial basis in Metro Council Districts 9 and 8. Since 2012, the larger recycling program has been enhanced to include other areas and now almost 7,000 carts have been given to or bought by residents.

The result: The overall curbside recycling tonnage has gone from 9,152 tons in 2012 to 10,361 tons in 2014 which is a 12% increase in two years in recycled material.

The Central Business District has implement the Wet/Dry program to maximize the recovery of dry recyclable material and wet organics (food/liquids) with the assistance of our contractor QRS.  As of February 2015 we have achieved a rate of 78% recovery. 

“While home recycling is one way of helping our environment, my office is also ready to help residents in the district transition to what we are now required to do with yard waste,” said the President. “For a limited time, we will offer free paper lawn bags to help everyone see get use to the recent changes made as a ways to stop using plastic lawn bags.”

At the beginning of the year, the Jefferson County Solid Waste Management Board policy banning plastic yard waste bags went into effect. The reason: to keep plastic out of what can be recyclable materials for mulch and compost. Now, homeowners must use either paper bags or trash cans to collect yard waste.

“If you would like to take advantage of either the large recyclable cart or paper bags while they are available, simple contact my office,” said Tandy.

For more information about these programs, call the President’s office at 574-1104.