President Tandy announces creation of new Intergovernmental Affairs Committee for Metro Council

February 3, 2015

Louisville – In an effort to better understand issues affecting Metro Louisville on the state and federal level, President David Tandy (D-4) has announced the creation of a new Intergovernmental Affairs Committee for the Louisville Metro Council.

          “My desire is for this committee to assist the Council and the broader community in understanding how our city will be impacted by policy created in Frankfort and Washington DC,” said Tandy. “We need a more fact based approach to key issues that will have an impact us on on the local level.”

            The new committee will be co- chaired by Councilman David Yates (D-25) and Councilwoman Julie Denton (R-19), a former Kentucky State Senator

           "I look forward to working with all of my colleagues: those on the Council, those in Frankfort and those in Washington D.C. to better serve the needs of the people of Louisville. The issues that affect us do not stop at the borders of our Council Districts; we must work together to ensure the people we represent are heard at each level of government,” said Yates. “As Chair I am honored to bridge the gap and strengthen Metro Louisville's relationship between the State and Federal governments, including quasi-governmental agencies, to directly influence our city's future and prosperity."

            "I'm very pleased President Tandy created this committee.  This will be an opportunity for me to use my 20 years of State Senate experience to benefit my community. Louisville is the economic engine of our state and, as such, it's vitally important for us to work with our state legislature and congressional delegation to ensure good working relationships and open lines of communication."

           he President noted that during the discussion last year on minimum wage, Kentucky does not have an Earned Income Tax Credit like the federal government. He also commented, the Kentucky General Assembly is ready to again discuss the Local Option Sales Tax.

          “Both of these issues have a major impact on the people of Metro Louisville and this Council needs to have an active part in that discussion,” said Tandy. “As this Metro Government continues to evolve and grow, we need to let Frankfort know what our growing pains are to better understand how we can make merged government as effective as possible.”

          President Tandy has also announced the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the 13 Standing Committee and three Ad Hoc Committees of the Metro Council for 2015. While the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee is newly created, the Standing Committees number remains at 13 with the combining of the Council’s Appointments and Contracts Committee into one.

          The Council’s three Ad Hoc Committees; Land Development Code, Animal Services and Annexation will continue to operate in 2015 with no changes except for membership.