President James praises efforts by SWMS officers as 2nd vehicle of 2020 is impounded for illegal dumping

April 8, 2020

Louisville – President David James is praising the Department of Public Works Solid Waste Enforcement for its continued pursuit of those who are illegally dumping in Louisville Metro.

In this case, the dumping occurred in a vacant lot in District 6.

“I want to thank the officers of SWMS for not only doing their job and catching an illegally dumper but for doing it in a safe manner using social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID 19,” said the President.

After a white Dodge Ram was captured on surveillance cameras being used to illegally dump tires, construction debris and other items in the lot, Officers had been on the lookout for it. This morning, Enforcement Officers were able to locate the vehicle 2.5 miles from where it had illegal dumped.

The dumper received a citation with fines and fees totaling $500. The vehicle was also impounded, and the owner will need to an pay an additional approximately $250 for impound and storage fees. The impoundment took place without incident and social distancing was used prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“I would say to anyone who wants to illegally dump during our current health crisis, don’t do it. There may be more eyes out there watching than you might think,” said James. “Our officers will find you, and make you pay.” 

The Department of Public Works has pledged to continue its pursuit of those who feel it is okay to jeopardize human health and harm to the environment by illegally dumping waste materials.