President James encourages residents concerned about boarding, group and transitional housing to take part in the final special meeting

October 19, 2020

Louisville - Is there proper regulation of boarding homes and group housing in Louisville Metro?

President David James (D-6) is encouraging residents with concerns over current regulation by Metro Government to participate in the last of a series of virtual meetings to deal with the issue.

“Many of us on the Metro Council recognize this type of housing may not be adequately regulated and enforced in residential areas. That is why Planning & Design Services (PDS) is in the process of carrying out a review of local ordinances concerning boarding, group and transitional housing. If such housing is in your neighborhood, they would like to hear from you,” says James.

Group housing is housing that is temporary in nature and includes boarding houses, transitional houses, rehabilitation homes, and homeless shelters. Before submitting any recommendations to the Planning Commission and Metro Council, PDS wants to hear from the community.

In addition to a public hearing before the Planning Commission, staff is wrapping up a series of meetings to get input and ideas from citizens. The last virtual meeting is set for October 21st at 10:30 a.m.

The meetings are moderated by the Center for Neighborhoods, an independent and local nonprofit organization. For more than 40 years, the Center for Neighborhoods has cultivated grassroots leadership, provided leadership education, partnered with neighborhoods in community planning efforts, facilitated civic dialogue among stakeholders, and actively participated in neighborhood-based development & improvement projects.

“It is important for the public to have a say as we move forward. We want to ensure everyone has an improved quality of life and we must listen to everyone who will be impacted by any possible changes.

Want to learn more about the process and how to participate in the meetings? Please go to: