President James and Councilwoman Dorsey issue statements regarding the Bevin Administration’s decision to cut Passport out of important Medicaid service contract

November 27, 2019

Louisville – President David James (D-6) and Councilwoman Keisha Dorsey (D-3) are issuing statements regarding today’s announcement that the Administration of outgoing Governor Matt Bevin is denying a Medicaid contract to the nonprofit Passport Organization. The decision will impact 300,000 people in Jefferson County and the surrounding area.


President James:

“For more than 20 years, Passport has served the needs of hundreds of thousands of people who would not otherwise be able to afford healthcare. Now at the beginning of the holiday season, Governor Bevin has decided to take away this security for those members of Passport not only for themselves but their families. It is a cold, callous decision done purely for political reasons. This is not the first time this Governor has shown an uncaring concern for those in need and it is also another of his many slaps in the face to the people of Jefferson County. Fortunately, a new Governor will step in and put compassion and understanding back into the discussion. For now, it is a sad reminder of just how vindictive politics can be when you are more interested in ego than caring. We must do all that we can to ensure those who have relied on Passport do not sacrifice their health because of this cruel decision. Anthem and Passport are appealing this decision and that I support them in that effort. Anthem supports 130,000 patients outside of Jefferson County. Both Anthem and Passport are committed organizations to the Louisville civic and business communities.  We would ask interested concerned parties to urge Governor-elect Beshear to exercise his full authority to start fresh by making null and void these contracts to operate in a Medicaid Managed Care 1115 Waiver environment that will not exist after he becomes governor.  We would ask parties to call for him to review the issues, situation, and environment both immediately and upon assuming office and taking necessary actions which could include releasing a new RFP for MCOs that are committed to serving our Commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Councilwoman Dorsey:

“Because of the decision to cut Passport out of this process, I believe we are looking at 100% displacement of 64% of the Medicaid market share in this region and 25% statewide. That means our most vulnerable population is going into this holiday season facing massive change and influx. At a time when dollars are already tight because of the holidays, taxes on the rise, and other increases in costs: what is this change going to mean? As elected officials the task before us is clear. It is my hope the new administration coming into Frankfort will review this decision and look at all options. The key though is making sure the population that is being affected has direct access to the services they are being provided now. First, we must advocate for the people being affected and then govern to insure there is no gap in providing health care. We must ensure that these companies are not driven by profit but are taking care of those who need health insurance as we navigate this new landscape. We must ensure there is enough time for those affected to make the needed changes and protect our most vulnerable population.”