President David James condemns Sunday’s action at the Kentucky State Capitol regard the hanging of an effigy of Governor Andy Beshear

May 25, 2020

Louisville – President David James (D-6) has released the following statement concerning the Second Amendment Rally which took place Sunday in Frankfort;

“I join other elected officials in strongly condemning what took place on the grounds of our State Capitol on Sunday. Peaceful protest is a guaranteed right in our country, inciting violence by demanding our Governor come out of the Mansion and then hanging an effigy of him is both disgusting and repulsive. As an African American, I am personally offended that anyone believes a hanging is a way to deal with a difference of opinion. While this action was done by a few, it shows selfishness during a time when a health crisis has managed to change all of our lives. I call upon the organizers of this “so called” freedom rally to revisit the meaning of the weekend we are celebrating. Today the actions by some was shameful, they may not realize there are thousands of people in support of what our Governor has done during this crisis. You may have done more damage to your efforts than good.”