Nine New SpeedAlert Radar Devices are unveiled and ready for Deployment in Louisville Metro

August 13, 2018

Louisville, KY: Representatives from the Louisville Metro Council’s Minority Caucus as well as the Louisville  Metro Police Department participated in an event to demonstrate a new tool that has been purchased to help deter speeding and promote safety. Earlier this year, the nine Republican Members of the Louisville Metro Council pooled their discretionary funds to purchase nine SpeedAlert web-enabled radar message displays. 

The machines have been delivered to LMPD and have been prepared for deployment throughout the 5th, 7th and 8th Police Divisions of Louisville Metro. Each device is able to display and record speed, capture photographs, communicate wirelessly, document traffic data and run using solar power. The devices will be used in areas where speeding has been reported and will provide officers with real time data enabling them to more effectively manage their valuable resources. 

“This is a great example of how the nine Republican Members of the Louisville Metro Council have successfully worked together by pooling our funding to help address one of our constituents most frequent concerns, speeding. We are excited to help LMPD add this new tool that will help make our streets safer”– Minority Caucus Chair, Angela Leet, (District 7)

“Just as the technology inside of televisions and phones have improved, so have radar devices. The nine SpeedAlert radar displays purchased by the Minority Caucus have the ability to offer real time information that can help solve traffic and safety problems and better direct our valuable police resources” – Councilwoman Marilyn Parker (District 18)

“We are thrilled to have this new tool to address traffic concerns in the divisions.  On a daily basis, we receive complaints about speeding, often times in areas where safety is paramount, such as in school zones and near crosswalks.  The use of the SpeedAlert Trailers will no doubt be an invaluable resource for LMPD to help improve motorist awareness and promote safer roadways.” Major Jamey Schwab, 8th Division, Louisville Metro Police Department.

Representatives from the Louisville Metro Police Department also used this event as an opportunity to remind citizens of the importance of observing proper safety precautions, especially when near a school.

The total cost for the nine SpeedAlert radar displays was $80,680. The funding was secured using available discretionary funding from the following members of the Louisville Metro Council: Angela Leet (District 7), Kevin Kramer (District 11), Scott Reed (District 16), Glen Stuckel (District 17), Marilyn Parker (District 18), Julie Denton (District 19), Stuart Benson (District 20), Robin Engel (District 22) and James Peden (District 23).

For additional information related to this release or the nine members of the LouisvilleMetro Council’s Minority Caucus, contact Chris Lewis at 574-1118 or