Metro Parks & Recreation Launch ?Beep? Baseball League for Individuals with Visual Impairments

September 9, 2014

Louisville Metro Parks & Recreation has launched a Beep Baseball league, an adaptive version of America?s favorite pastime, tailored for people with visual impairments. Developed in the mid 1960?s, beep baseball takes its name from a rechargeable ?beeping? device fitted to the regulation 16-inch softball, so that it can be heard by players.
Games will be held Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. from September 16 through October 14 at Joe Creason Park, 1297 Trevilian Way. The cost is $25 per player, and registration is underway. Players of all ages are welcome.
Each team uses its own sighted pitcher and catcher, but because all other players on a team are required to wear blindfolds to level the playing field, sighted individuals are encouraged and welcome to join family members or friends with vision impairments in playing on the league.
Metro Parks? Adapted Leisure Activities and Athletics divisions teamed up with Beep Baseball Kentucky to organize the league, which will be the first in Kentucky, joining dozens of other registered leagues across the country in this growing sport. The National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) hosts national and regional tournaments, including the annual World Series Championship games, and also features a Beep Baseball Hall of Fame.
Earlier this summer, construction began in Frankfort, Kentucky on the world?s first permanent dedicated beep baseball park, which hopes to attract teams from around the country for a tournament, when the park is opened next spring.
In addition to use of the ?beeping? ball, information from the NBBA website explains a few other differences from regular baseball. For example:

ú Games last only six innings, unless more are needed to break a tie
ú There is no second base, only first and third bases, and the bases contained sounding units that give off a buzzing sound when activated
ú A batter is allowed four, rather than the traditional three strikes
A complete description of the game, game rules and other information can be found at
To register for the Metro Parks beep baseball league, call 502-456-8148, or email [email protected]