Metro Council Members to host Facebook Live Event with JCPS Administrators

April 24, 2020

Event will be hosted by Council men Kramer, Reed, Benson and Peden will Feature JCPS Administrators Abby Piper and Renee Murphy

Louisville, KY – Louisville Metro Councilmen Stuart Benson (District 20), Kevin Kramer (District 11), Scott Reed (District 16) and James Peden (District 23) will host a special Facebook Live Event at noon on Friday, April 24, 2020. Their streamed event will allow participants to ask questions to Council members as well as their guests for the event, Ms. Abby Piper (JCPS, Executive Administrator, Government/Community Relations) and Ms. Renee Murphy (JCPS, Communications and Community Relations).

Although this event will be live, persons wanting to submit questions for Council members or either of our Jefferson County Public School Representatives are encouraged to contact the office of Councilman Benson at 574-3465 ([email protected]) or Councilman Reed at 574-1116 ([email protected]), Councilman Kramer at 574-1111 ([email protected]) or Councilman James Peden at 574-1123 ([email protected]) prior to the event so that your questions can be addressed.

Persons who are unable to watch the Facebook live event will be able to watch the online event by visiting either Metro Council members’ websites or Facebook pages after the conclusion of the event.

For more information on this event or any other activities in Districts 11, 16, 20 or 23 please contact Councilman Kevin Kramer at 574.1111, Councilman Scott Reed at 574.1116, Councilman Stuart Benson at 574.1120 or Councilman James Peden at 574-1123