Metro Council to honor Outstanding Community Leaders

February 25, 2015

Louisville – On Thursday, February 26th, the Metro Council’s Community Affairs Committee will hold a special meeting to honor outstanding community leaders and volunteers as part of its 13th Annual Black History Month Program.

The meeting begins at 12:00pm in Council Chambers, 601 West Jefferson Street.

“Every year, the Committee and the Metro Council are pleased to shine the spotlight on and say thank you to the citizens in our districts who work for change,” says Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D-2) Chair of the committee. “Through their dedication and efforts our communities are better places to live.”

One group will be honored during the program along with 25 individuals.

Below is a list of the honorees of for the 13th Annual Black History Month Program:

The Communications Trophy      

The Hosts and Moderators of the “Simmons Saturday Morning Solutions” Program on WLOU: Rev. Clay Calloway, Devon Holt and Gail Strange

The Circle Team Awards:

District 1 – Eleanor Foreman

District 2 – Cameron Brown  

District 3 – Charlene Hampton Holloway

District 4 – Ben Richmond

District 5 – William B. Gatewood

District 6 – Dreema D. Jackson

District 7 – Charla Young

District 8 – Gregory A. Dow

District 9 – Hosea Mitchell

District 10 – Vicky L.Layne

District 11 – Michael E. Cowherd

District 12 – Allen Evans

District 13 – Laura Woods

District 14 – Faith Stroud

District 15 – Donnetta Owens

District 17 – Glenn R. Sea

District 18 – Sonja Grey

District 19 – Officer Hydia Lockhart

District 20 – O.J. Oleka

District 21 – Michael Jones

District 22 – Shameika M. DeVane

District 23 – Rev. Kevin Smith

District 24 – Monetinea Haggard

District 25 – Angela Walker

District 26 – Billy Pearsall                                 

The Community Affairs 13th Annual Black History program will be carried live on Metro TV, Time Warner Cable Channel 25. You can also watch the meetings online by going to the Metro Council Clerk’s home page at and click the “Watch Meetings Online” button.