Metro Council approves the use of $2.7 million to assist those impacted by COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Louisville – The Louisville Metro Council has approved $2.7 million to assist those impacted by COVID-19. These funds, realized earlier this year through better than expected revenue projections, were originally dedicated to paying down the city’s pension obligations.

Councilman Markus Winkler (D-17) said: “Our city faces an unprecedented challenge as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless families across our community are going to be impacted in ways large and small. While our pension obligations are not going away, we believe the immediate need of those affected is paramount at this time.”

The COVID-19 Relief Fund (CRF) will be administered by the Office of Resilience & Community Services and will be used only to support existing programs that offer food assistance and emergency assistance for housing. Applications for reimbursement by qualified organizations will be reviewed weekly by a three-person panel consisting of a representative of the Mayor’s Office, the Metro Council, and Metro United Way.   

“Everyone needs to do what we can to keep people housed and fed, and this appropriation of Metro’s limited funds is the right thing to do. This crisis also calls for private contributions to groups providing aid, including Louisville’s community ministries, and a massive federal response,” - Councilman Bill Hollander District 9

“The answers to many of the challenges our country faces will take the work of Federal, State and Local governments as well as private industry, non-profits and everyone else in between. This ordinance as well as programs already announced by the Mayor are good first steps towards helping the people of this community.” – Councilman Kevin Kramer, District 11

“Our community is facing a wide variety of challenges. Some of these challenges are now known, but there are more challenges being presented with each coming day. This ordinance will be a small part of our effort to assist the many families that are facing unfathomable problems as a result of this pandemic.”  - Councilman Scott Reed, District 16

“These are uncertain times and I know there are many who are wondering what will happen next. It is my hope the Council’s action tonight will help reassure everyone their leaders are aware of the need and we encourage everyone to stay calm. We will get through this together.” – President David James District 6.      

The Office of Management and Budget is tasked with making a written report to the Council regarding the allocation and distribution of every $250,000 from the CRF as well as a final report once the CRF is closed.



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