Metro Council approves Resolution asking the Air Pollution Control District to deny American Synthetic Rubber's request to modify its STAR goals

August 24, 2017

Louisville – By a unanimous vote, the Louisville Metro Council approved a resolution calling for American Synthetic Rubber Company to comply with the city’s Strategic Toxic Air Reduction (STAR) goals.

          The Resolution calls for the Air Pollution Control District to deny the company’s second request for modification from the 2004 STAR goals.

          “I want to thank my colleagues for their support. Unlike 199 other companies under the STAR program, American Synthetic Rubber continues to run from its obligations to help protect the health of West Louisville,” said Councilwoman Jessica Green (D-1).

          Green is one of the primary sponsors of the Resolution. Green has appeared at all of the APCD hearings and has joined others in West Louisville fighting the request.

          “With the passage of this Resolution, this Council is telling APCD do not let up on this one company while others have made the effort to improve air quality,” said Councilwoman Mary C. Woolridge (D-3), who is also a primary sponsor. “If the APCD allows this one modification, what would stop others from testing the waters to do the same thing?”

          In 2015, the APCD issued a notice of violation to American Synthetic Rubber.

          “To value health, the APCD should set the most stringent possible standard for Toxic Best Available Technology and require American Synthetic Rubber to meet it. If APCD does that, it will deny the request for modification.  People from all parts of the community are united in this belief,” said Councilman Bill Hollander (D-9).

          The American Lung Association, the Institute for Healthy Air, Water and Soil, the West Jefferson County Community Task Force, the Rubbertown Emergency Action and the Kentucky Resources Council have all voiced opposition to American Synthetic Rubber’s request.

          The resolution points out that Metro Louisville has made significant strides in reducing air pollution over the last 50 years by prohibiting garbage incinerators, implementing construction policies and reducing vehicle and industrial emissions.

          The STAR program was put in place in 2005.

          The resolution is on its way to Mayor Fischer for his signature.


Resolution Sponsors:

Jessica Green (D-1)

Barbara Shanklin (D-2)

Mary C. Woolridge (D-3)

Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4)

Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5)

David James (D-6)

Brandon Coan (D-8)

Bill Hollander (D-9)

Rick Blackwell (D-12)

Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13)

Cindi Fowler (D-14)

Dan Johnson (D-21)

Madonna Flood (D-24)

David Yates (D-25)

Brent Ackerson (D-26)