Metro Council approves diversity ordinance for local businesses

March 5, 2020

Louisville – By a unanimous vote, the Louisville Metro Council has approved an ordinance which adds more diversity for local government in procuring goods and services from various business groups, including the LGBT community.

“With the passage of this ordinance, our city is saying we are open for business to every Louisvillian regardless of color, gender, who you love, or if you are disabled. It doesn’t cost us anything to be compassionate and to be business minded.  Moreover, it is something we can do today. It is a good day to be a business owner in the city of Louisville.  It is a great day for all Louisvillians,” said Councilwoman Jessica Green (D-1) the primary sponsor of the Ordinance.

 With the passing of O-394-19, The Council is amending and modernizing definitions under the local government procurement policies to cover minority, female, disabled owned and LGBT owned businesses who are eligible to do business with metro government.

“We just took one more step toward producing a more inclusive and welcoming community where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed in business,” said Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4), who is a cosponsor of the ordinance.

Additional sponsors include Council members Bill Hollander (D-9) and Barbara Shanklin (D-2) as well as President David James.

“Twenty-one years ago, the City of Louisville was the first in the state to enact an anti-discrimination Fairness Ordinance. Today, there are 19 cities and counties in Kentucky with similar ordinances,” said Hollander. “I am glad to see Louisville lead again, and proud to be a sponsor of this new ordinance.”

“The strength of our local economy is reinforced when local government provides the right conditions to help all local business owners. I’m proud to be a sponsor of this ordinance since it treats everyone equally if they want to partner with Metro Government and do business,” said Shanklin.

“Louisville is the economic engine of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. When we in local government improve conditions for Louisville businesses to keep this engine running, everyone benefits. Once again Louisville leads the way when it comes to fairness,” said President James.

The ordinance is on its way to Mayor Greg Fischer for his signature. 

To read the ordinance go to: