Metro Council Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting presents proposal for redrawn district maps

October 22, 2021

The committee prioritized equal representation when creating the proposed boundaries

Louisville – After months of work and careful consideration, the Metro Council Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting presented its proposal for redrawing the Metro Council district maps based on the 2020 U.S. Census data during a special meeting on Thursday, October 21.

The Census shows Jefferson County’s population grew from 741,096 in 2010 to 782,969 in 2020. Along with the population growth, the county also experienced a population shift over the last 10 years with more people moving from west to east Louisville.

The committee prioritized equal representation across all 26 council districts when redrawing these boundaries, with a median population of 30,114 people per district.

redistricting map


The U.S. Census is conducted every 10 years per the United States Constitution. Based on the 2020 data, Kentucky’s self-response rate of 68.2% topped the national rate of 67%.

The Census counts every person so that local and state governments can use the information for redistricting, which is the redrawing of council district lines to adjust for how the county’s population has grown, changed, and shifted.

Pursuant to state statutes, Metro Council boundaries shall be drawn so that the districts are compact, contiguous, and the population of each district shall be as nearly equal as is reasonably possible with a deviation of no more than 10%. Each district shall respect existing neighborhood, community, and city boundaries whenever possible. This ensures communities have equal access to political representation.

An integral part of the redistricting process is understanding where and how the county’s population has shifted since the previous Census. The median council district population in 2010 was 28,503. The new data shows some districts in the eastern part of the county ballooning well over that median and some districts in the western part of the county dropping below the old median.

If the current district lines remained the same, the following would be the wide range in population:

Highest district population: 37,302 (District 19)

Lowest district population: 25,035 (District 5)

Based on the proposed maps, district populations would adjust to the following:

Highest district population: 31,576 (District 23)

Lowest district population: 28,612 (District 4)

Median district population: 30,114

If the new maps are approved, it would ensure a 5% deviation from the median population and that Black and minority populations are fairly represented.

Proposed Maps

The proposed redistricting maps will be available on Metro Council’s website:


The redistricting ordinance will be filed on October 25. The committee will host a meeting with public comment on October 27. Metro Council intends to vote on the maps on November 11.

Public Comment

To foster transparency throughout the redistricting process, the committee hosted two public meetings to encourage academic and public comment.

People can still submit comments regarding these maps on Metro Council’s website:

And the Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting invites the public to comment at its next meeting on Wednesday, October 27, at 5:00 p.m. People must register online by Tuesday:



For More Information Contact:

Katrina Helmer 502-574-4137 (o) / 502-526-3622 (c)

Stephen Haag 502-574-1204 (o) / 502-645-1752 (c)

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