Metro Corrections Earns National Accreditation

October 30, 2014

The Louisville Metro Department of Corrections has earned its first-ever department-wide national accreditation, Director Mark Bolton announced today.

The accreditation is awarded by the American Correctional Association (ACA) Core Jail Standards Accreditation audit.  Louisville Metro Department of Corrections received a total score of 100% compliance on 46 mandatory critical jail industry standards, and 95.6% compliance on 91 non-mandatory standards, which exceeds the minimum for Core Jail certification. 

“This is an important milestone achievement for a department that provides such a valuable service to the community,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “These are the kind of hard-earned accomplishments that help us build the best city government in America.”

ACA audits consist of 146 Core Jail Standards that include assessments of the jail administration and management, operations, and inmate programs, as well as issues that impact the lives of inmates and staff, and is only awarded to the “best of the best” in corrections.  The accreditation is good for three years, with follow-up audits conducted on a continuous 3-year cycle.

“The ACA Accreditation is the gold standard by which jails and prisons are measured and I am proud of the men and women of Metro Corrections who have worked so hard to achieve this long-standing goal,” Bolton said.
Receiving accreditation contributes to improved living conditions for inmates and in turn also improves working conditions for staff, increasing attention to security procedures and accountability, as well as addressing physical plant deficiencies and security related protocols.

Two auditors from the ACA conducted the audit: Wynnie Samuels who is the Miami-Dade County Accreditation Manager as well as the CEO of WTS Consultant Services, and John Sargent, PhD, who is a correctional consultant and standards expert. 

The ACA auditors were especially impressed that Metro Corrections operates three jail facilities as one department and stated that doing so “in aging physical plants filled beyond capacity is daunting.”

Metro Corrections officials will be invited to the February 2015 American Corrections Association National Conference in Long Beach, California to appear before the ACA Accreditation Board.