Mayor urges residents to stay vigilant in protecting themselves from COVID-19

July 2, 2020

Mayor Greg Fischer today urged residents to remain vigilant in protecting themselves and others from the COVID-19 virus as the Fourth of July holiday weekend begins.

“Independence Day is a time of celebration, tradition and holiday gathering, but we have to be smart and remember that this virus doesn’t care about our traditions or our country,” said the Mayor. “Even though we’ve reopened nearly all of our businesses, the pandemic is still with us.”

Louisville is experiencing a plateau with its COVID-19 positive case counts, but other cities across the country are starting to see a surge.

“In several areas of the country, outbreaks of COVID-19 are tied to bars and indoor gatherings,” said Dr. Sarah Moyer, Chief Health Strategist and director of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness (LMPHW). “This pandemic has taught us how we’re all connected. The virus doesn’t move. People move. If you’re in a crowded setting, not socially distancing or wearing a mask, you greatly increase your chances of being exposed to COVID-19.”

Latest updates

Dr. Moyer cited East Lansing, Michigan, where 107 cases were recently linked to a bar. She also noted that only a week and a half after bars opened in Colorado, they were ordered to close because of a growing number of cases. And yesterday, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced a temporary pause on increasing capacity in restaurants, bars and entertainment venues due to a spike in cases and hospitalizations across the state.

In Louisville, city officials said, the highest increase in cases over the past three weeks has been among people ages 20 to 44.

“Our inspectors have been working with bars and restaurants to review plans for reopening and to encourage compliance to Kentucky’s Healthy at Work guidelines.” Dr. Moyer added. “While our bars and restaurants can do their part, it’s up to patrons to also do their part and exercise all the precautions to keep from getting or spreading COVID-19: wear a face covering as much as possible, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often.”

LMPHW inspectors as well as Kentucky Alcohol Beverage and Control officials will be visiting and monitoring bars over the weekend and in the weeks to come to ensure compliance with Kentucky Healthy at Work guidelines. Complaints for businesses who aren’t following the guidelines can be reported to Metro 311.

“Let’s do our duty this weekend and keep wearing masks and taking the necessary steps so we can help everyone stay healthy so they can enjoy their constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” said the Mayor.

Additional Testing Sites

“Opportunities to be tested for COVID-19 continue to increase here in Louisville,” said Bill Altman, the executive in charge of COVID-19 community testing for LMPHW. There are currently 17 testing sites available for the general public. In addition, all healthcare systems as well as Park DuValle Community Health Center locations and Hope Wellness Center offer testing for patients.

New testing opportunities for the general public include:

  • Norton Respiratory Illness Center, 3101 Poplar Level Road.
  • St. Stephen Church, 1018 S. 15th Street, Saturday, July 11, 2020, 10 a. m.– 4 p.m.
  • Family Health Centers, Portland and Fairdale locations have expanded days and hours of testing.
  • All sites are by appointment only and require registering in advance.

A complete list of COVID-19 testing sites can be found here.


Daily COVID-19 numbers

 3,880 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Louisville
67 new since yesterday                              
211 deaths
2 new since yesterday
44-year-old male
86-year-old female
2,985 recovered
25 new since yesterday


  • 56% White                         
  • 29% Black                           
  • 5% Asian                             


  • 66% White                         
  • 28% Black                           
  • 4% Asian                                                             


  • 19% Hispanic/Latino                               


  • 4% Hispanic/Latino                         


Currently, 5 members of LMPD, Louisville Fire, Metro EMS, Metro Corrections and the Sheriff’s Office are off-duty due to COVID-19:

  • 1 is off with positive tests and in self-isolation.
  • 1 is off and quarantined due to exposure to someone who tested positive
  • 3 are off with symptoms, pending test results

Positive test numbers for first responders/public safety since the incident began:

  • 50 positive tests
  • 49 have fully recovered and returned to duty
  • 1 is recovering at home

Metro Corrections inmate data:

  • 1,642 inmates have been tested
  • 12 positives
  • 37 tests are pending