Mayor Signs Resolution Asking General Assembly to Restore Voting Rights

Saying that people who have served their time for felony criminal offenses deserve the right to be full citizens again, Mayor Greg Fischer today signed a resolution urging the state legislature to restore voting rights for felons.

The resolution, passed by the Metro Council, asks the General Assembly to amend the Kentucky Constitution to automatically restore the rights of most people convicted of felonies. Currently, the only way for convicted felons to have their voting rights restored is through a pardon from the Governor.

?Voting is a basic American right and, once people have served their debt to society, they deserve to be full citizens again,? Fischer said. ?The restoration of rights will be a priority of mine in the upcoming legislature.?

The non-binding resolution, adopted by the council July 24, will be sent to state elected leaders in Frankfort. Kentucky is one of a few states that do not have restoration of voting rights after a felony sentence has been served.