Mayor, Metro Council and MSD Establish Workgroup to Evaluate Home Buyout Program

April 28, 2015

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer today announced the formation of a Work Group to study and recommend a course of action to address homes subject to repetitive losses caused by recent major rain and flood events.

The work group will be comprised of members from the Metro Government, Metro Council and MSD.  It will identify an immediate course of action to address the most severely flooded homes from the April 3, 2015 rain event. Over the past six years, Louisville has experienced four significant rain events (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015) that impacted 1000's of homes throughout the Metro area.

“The recent rains and the city’s floodplain ordinance adopted years ago have had a real impact on the lives of our citizens,” Fischer said. “I’m asking this group to identify the hardships that have been caused by this most recent rain – and consider ways to move forward to help families.”

The work group will also look at programs implemented in other river cities across the country to address and mitigate the impact of major rain and flood events on homeowners living within flood prone areas. The group will be begin its work immediately, and provide short term recommendations within 30 days for those repetitive loss homes that cannot obtain rebuilding permits. 

“We on the Metro Council who represent those areas impacted by the previous and most recent episodes in Louisville are keenly aware of the disruption and hardship that our fellow citizens face,” Council President David Tandy said. “We stand ready to address this pressing issue and will work with our partners at the federal, state and local levels to help our neighbors build a stronger community.” 

The group will also evaluate longer term solutions for mitigation and home buyouts. MSD Executive Director Greg Heitzman unveiled the recommended action plan at a Metro Council briefing today, following reports from homeowners who are not able to rebuild due to building limitations in the Metro Flood Ordinance. Heitzman reported "with more and more frequent storm events, our community must step up with a plan to address the 12,000 homes subject to flooding in our community. A community partnership among FEMA, Metro and MSD is needed to develop a plan of action that is achievable and fiscally responsible."