Mayor Highlights City's Compassion During Winter Weather

February 18, 2015

While visiting with homeless citizens at the St. John Center this morning, Mayor Greg Fischer celebrated the many acts of compassion that have eased the effects of severe winter weather this week.

“Whether it’s donating to a center like this, shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, or watching your friends’ child so they can go to work even though school is out… these acts of compassion are what keeps the city working even in challenging circumstances,” Fischer said. “They also make us feel warm inside, even when it’s bitter cold.”

One easy way to show compassion is to go to and use the donate button to help fund homeless shelters and programs, including the White Flag Program. One option is to join the “Five Buck a Month Club,” in which people can support the White Flag Program.

To better highlight these acts of compassion, the Mayor announced a social media contest in which he is asking Louisville residents to share their “Snow Angel” stories. Using Instagram or Twitter, residents can nominate a friend, neighbor or coworker using the hashtag: #LousivilleSnowAngel. They can also nominate someone on Facebook, by posting on the mayor’s page with that hashtag. Share as many details as possible – and use photos if possible.

On Friday, the Mayor will choose an official “LouisvilleSnowAngel” winner, who will be able to bring their friends and family to enjoy the use of the Mayor’s suite at Slugger Field for a day – a warm day in the spring or summer.

“I often quote Thomas Merton’s famous Louisville epiphany – in which he saw everyone downtown glowing – shining like the sun – and he realized how interconnected we all are,” Fischer said. “This is a week in which we definitely feel that interconnection – and need that warm glow – so let’s share our stories.”