Mayor Greenberg’s $1.1 Billion Proposed Budget Puts Louisvillians First; Invests in Public Safety, Early Education, Affordable Housing

April 25, 2024

Editor’s note: The Office of Management & Budget will release the 2024 – 2025 recommended executive budget document in its entirety following Mayor Greenberg’s Budget Address.

Proposed budget focuses on better serving the people of Louisville and investing in their future  

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (April 25, 2024) – To further see through his goal of building a safer, stronger and healthier Louisville, Mayor Craig Greenberg shared his $1.1 billion budget proposal that focuses on addressing the urgent priorities of residents from across the city: public safety, affordable housing, homelessness, early education, economic development, government services and quality of life. 

In his Budget Address, Mayor Greenberg emphasized the need to continuously review how the city is implementing Louisville’s priorities by making strategic and bold investments, while also embracing efficiency, accountability and transparency. The proposed Budget comes as Louisville emerges from a period where American Rescue Plan funding helped fuel progress and following the historic investment of more than $700 million across our city by the Kentucky General Assembly.  

“Thanks to a strong economy, record investments, increased revenues and the responsible management of taxpayers’ dollars, Louisville is in a strong position to achieve meaningful progress on our priorities,” said Mayor Greenberg. “This budget required tough decisions, but decisions that will move our city forward in a new direction and benefit every single resident and neighborhood.”

The Mayor added that to better serve the people of Louisville and to fully implement our plans for improving safety, growing our economy and making bold, strategic investments, we must invest in skilled team members who are passionate, effective and dedicated to this work. 

“We are in the service business, and we owe it to every family across Louisville to deliver excellence in the most basic – and most essential – government services through a well-paid, highly qualified team that is motivated to serve our community,” said the Mayor. “I feel confident the greatest investment we can make toward a safer, stronger and healthier Louisville is an investment in our people.”

To view Mayor Greenberg’s Budget Address, click here. The Metro Council will now review the Mayor’s budget and see it through a review process that includes hearings and a budget vote prior to July 1.

Public Safety 

Mayor Greenberg is directing over $448 million to one of his most urgent priorities: making Louisville a safer city by decreasing violence and protecting more lives. In 2023, Louisville saw a decrease in homicides, non-fatal shootings and carjackings, and the Mayor is committed to continuing that progress. 

“Far too many of our Louisville families have lost a loved one and had their worlds ripped apart by violence,” said Mayor Greenberg. “We must invest in the resources needed to identify the people taking part in these crimes so that we can get them off the streets, protect more lives and ultimately make Louisville a safer city.” 

Funding will be used to boost public safety, with funding supporting new license plate readers and MetroWatch Cameras for the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), new technical search and rescue gear for the Louisville Fire Department (LFD) and upgrades to the emergency operations center. The Mayor also directed portions of funding to address current staff shortages in the area of public safety. 

“First responders are there for Louisvillians during their greatest moments of need, and it’s essential we address the current shortages impacting our police officers, EMTs, firefighters and more,” said the Mayor. “The answer is clear: we must offer competitive salaries and bring their pay in line with areas throughout the region. These are the heroes who stand by Louisville, and we must stand up for them in return.” 

The Mayor’s proposed budget makes historic investments in first responder contracts to close these gaps and recruit and retain more officers, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters and correctional officers. 

From over 260 vacancies at LMPD to the need for more EMTs, Louisville must make first responder wages competitive and bring them in line with areas throughout the region to increase recruitment and retention. 

“People who have skills also have choices. To make sure our families have a paramedic or other first responders available during their greatest moments of need, we need to pay these heroes what they deserve,” said Mayor Greenberg. 

The budget also provides funding for more public safety equipment, consent decree monitoring, homicide investigations, new staff, firehouse repairs and more. 

Affordable Housing and Homelessness 

One critical component to Louisville’s growing economy is the need for more safe, affordable and quality housing. The Mayor’s proposed budget puts forward nearly $32 million to meet the ambitious goal of creating or preserving 15,000 units of affordable housing units across the city by 2027. 

“Every Louisvillian deserves the safety and security that comes with a roof over their head and a clean, comfortable place to call home,” said the Mayor. “Affordable housing helps our people thrive, and it also benefits our economy and the health of our community. From creating more quality homes to finding ways to end homelessness, we are taking a holistic approach to finding real solutions to our biggest challenges.” 

Mayor Greenberg highlighted his continued support for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund through one of the largest capital investments of $15 million. 

Also recognized was the continued progress on Louisville’s Community Care Campus, a facility that will house more than 30 families affected by homelessness and provide medical services and more. The project received extra support from the Kentucky General Assembly, further pushing forward the project which will help end family street homelessness in Louisville. 

The Mayor also committed his support to the Louisville Metro Housing Authority (LMHA) to help address the most urgent issues Dosker Manor and Avenue Plaza residents face through $238,000 in funding.  In addition, the Greenberg Administration will be working with LMHA for additional Section 8 vouchers. 

“While LMHA is not a city department, we will not stand on the sidelines while some of our most vulnerable Louisvillians live and sleep in dangerous mold, bug and rodent filled apartments – it’s a disgrace,” said Mayor Greenberg. “Calls for a change have been made for years with growing urgency, and we’re working with our partners to make sure those calls are answered.” 

Mayor Greenberg recognizes that addressing homelessness requires a long-term strategy, and his administration is actively working with community partners to establish programs that provide ongoing solutions. Programs being built include hotel stays for 18 to 24-year-olds transitioning to stable housing and case management and support services to individuals and families affected. The Mayor is also seeing through a goal to establish a shelter facility for individuals and families as well as the creation of 20 transitional housing options through the use of efficiency units or OVC huts. 

Early Education 

To simultaneously address Louisville’s urgent needs and long-term priorities, the Mayor remains focused on creating generational change through free universal pre-K for every 3- and 4-year-old across the city. The Mayor’s proposed budget includes a strong initial investment in Thrive by 5 Louisville, the 501c3 nonprofit the Mayor announced in March which will implement a five year plan to create a pathway to universal pre-K. 

“The facts are clear: children who attend high-quality preschool are more likely to graduate from high school, earn more money, live longer and healthier lives and are 70 percent less likely to be arrested for violent crimes,” said the Mayor. “Our children are our greatest investment, and I am determined to support them early so we can all succeed together for generations to come.”  

Thrive By 5 Louisville will operate separately from Louisville Metro Government and JCPS, and use a combination of public and philanthropic funds to recruit and retain the early learning workforce, elevate early learning facilities and programs, and offer financial assistance to cover the cost of preschool. This initial $5 million investment from the Mayor’s proposed budget will help ensure the nonprofit has a strong platform from which to grow.”   

For more on Thrive by 5 Louisville, read the comprehensive FAQ.  

Quality of Life 

When it comes to the quality of life of Louisvillians, Mayor Greenberg is focusing on the day-to-day needs of the community by proposing nearly $50 million for street paving, sidewalk repairs, guardrail replacements, traffic calming solutions and more. A portion of this funding will also go toward three projects to put our city on the path forward to finally completing the Louisville Loop. 

“Making sure Louisville is a place people love to live is vital to our overall success and our growing economy, and by investing in the daily needs of our community, we are also investing in our people and our future,” said Mayor Greenberg.  

One of the reasons so many people love Louisville is because of our beautiful parks and the great outdoor options that enhance our city. To further enhance these spaces and experiences, the Mayor is committing over $7.1 million in general parks repairs. 

The Mayor also stated that he is investing in the Public Works team members who are essential to the overall wellbeing of our city.  

“So often we go about our days taking for granted the key things we rely on. From safe streets to the streetlights at a local park, these services are dependent on the Public Works team members who keep our city moving,” said the Mayor. “We are going to increase pay for these essential team members to better recruit and retain more dedicated public servants. This is how we keep our city moving forward in the right direction.” 

The Mayor’s proposed budget dedicates more than $2 million to raising salaries and funding operations for areas that include key personnel in Public Works, new library openings, a new Park Ranger program, the Baxter Community Center reopening and more.  

Economic Development 

Mayor Greenberg celebrated Louisville’s strong economy, highlighting a commitment to build on the $1 billion secured in new investment last year and more than 2,300 jobs announced. The Mayor’s proposed budget supports ongoing economic capital projects, including the establishment of a new economic development authority proposed in the Growing Louisville Together plan. 

“This authority will be a public-private partnership that works with Metro Government, GLI, KentuckianaWorks and other stakeholders to maximize our city’s potential to attract and develop business, partnerships and people more effectively than ever before,” said the Mayor. 

As the Mayor closed his budget address, he thanked everyone for their support and service to Louisville and encouraged everyone to continue working together to create a safer, stronger and healthier city.  

For a complete version of Mayor Greenberg’s Budget Address, click here. Louisville can also view the address on MetroTV. To see a full list of accomplishments from 2023, click here. 



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