Mayor Fischer's letter to citizens regarding Charlottesville

August 13, 2017

Mayor Fischer is traveling after being in New Orleans with other mayors for a leadership meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

He and the others have watched in sadness as the events unfolded in Charlottesville — and he released this letter to citizens.

Dear friends:

Thank you to the leadership of our organizers for pulling us together today and thanks to all who are here in body or spirit.

Let us remember the America we aspire to be.

Where there is fear, let us bring love

Where there is racism, let us bring understanding

Where there is division, let us show unity

And where there is conflict, let us bring compassion.

I — and all of the nation’s mayors — are deeply troubled by this weekend's violence, and unequivocally denounce this act of terror. This is not the country we aspire to be — and a strong nation recognizes its weaknesses, and continues to work and strive to be a more perfect union. 

We believe in diversity.

We believe in inclusion.

We believe in free speech —  but not hate speech.

We believe that the great American melting pot — black, white, and brown—- is a strength that empowers us.

We believe in taking hate and racism straight on.

And we must turn these beliefs into actions of compassion, understanding, and unity.

Wherever there is hatred, oppression, bigotry, or injustice for any — black, white, brown; Christian, Muslim, Jew – against any of us, I will speak out and condemn this unacceptable domestic terrorism, and I encourage all people – including all of our elected officials - to do so. 

It is our duty as citizens to build on the values of America and it is critical that our children understand and help us achieve the America they deserve. 

We have much work to do in our country and in our city.

Let us use this moment to build on our  progress and show the world how our city, with all of its beauty and imperfections, can be a peaceful model for making the union of our city and country a home for opportunity and justice for all.



Mayor Greg Fischer