Mayor Fischer announces end to citywide curfew

June 04, 2020

Mayor Greg Fischer today announced that he is ending the 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. citywide curfew he put in place over the weekend after peaceful protests were marred by shootings and widespread looting.

The State of Emergency enacted during the disturbances in downtown Louisville and other parts of the city will, however, remain in place until Monday, June 8.

The Mayor said the curfew was necessary after a small group of people attempted to use the protests over the killing of Breonna Taylor to damage and steal property.

“The issues are with some criminal elements – people bent on destruction, attempting to hijack the purpose of the protests,” Mayor Fischer said. “That kind of unacceptable, unlawful activity will not move us toward the safe city, the compassionate city, we want to create.”

The Mayor also apologized for the “scary situations” authorities made for peaceful protestors who were caught in tear gas used by police to quell unruly people in the crowds.

“I also realize that some peaceful protesters were caught up in scary situations when decisions were made to use tear gas to enforce the curfew – decisions made out of concerns for public safety, when police saw evidence suggesting the potential for violence. I am sorry if anybody got caught up in the wrong place, at the wrong time,” Mayor Fischer said.

The Mayor reiterated that the majority of the protestors are peaceful.

“We appreciate that you don’t want your goals to be tarnished by these criminal elements, and they are working too, to discourage any and all illegal elements that diminish the progress you are fighting for,” Mayor Fischer said. “I know it was inconvenient, but I appreciate all those who abided by the curfew. You helped your city.”

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