Mayor Fischer announces agreement with EMS and MetroSafe unions for new pay hike, effective immediately

January 10, 2022

Mayor Greg Fischer, EMS and MetroSafe leadership and Teamsters Union local 783 and IBEW local 369 today announced agreements to immediately increase pay for members of those unions who work at EMS and MetroSafe. 

The side-letter agreement between Louisville Metro and the unions include an 8% pay raise for members of those unions – in addition to the 2% raise provided in July. All future annual raises guaranteed by the unions’ existing contracts will remain in force. The new pay raise is effective January 1, 2022, and those impacted should see a change on the paycheck they receive at the end of the month. 

The IBEW contract with Louisville Metro does not expire until this summer, and the Teamsters contracts run until 2023 and 2024, but Mayor Fischer said these immediate across-the-board raises were deserved and necessary to maintain quality staffing and services. The new agreements also include steps to improve accountability, similar to reforms in the recently approved Louisville Metro Police Department contracts.

“The employees of EMS and MetroSafe are public safety heroes in our city, and they deserve our respect and our thanks for the hard work they’re doing in very trying times,” the Mayor said. “These new agreements also reflect our commitment to recruiting more talent to help the men and women who continue to proudly serve in the face of unprecedented vacancies. There is no doubt that staffing shortages are a national problem, across all industry sectors, but our focus is on Louisville – and ensuring the vital, round-the-clock public services that our residents expect and deserve.”

Louisville Metro Director of Emergency Services, Jody Meiman, said his agency’s mission is “to provide the very best resources possible to citizens all across the Metro and all across our agency.”

“The work our agency does is vital to the safety of our community and our employees are the backbone of that work, and it is my hope these steps will show our continued support to each and every employee,” Meiman said. “I have been privileged to work with Mayor Fischer and our Unions on these steps and I appreciate the support they continue to give us. This is a huge step toward continuous recruitment of new members, as well as retention of our current dedicated employees.”

Local Teamsters President John Stovall and Recording Secretary Justin Scharrer released this statement about the agreement: “Teamsters Local Union 783 is honored to represent the EMT’s, Paramedic’s and staff of Louisville Metro EMS; along with the Telecommunication Call Takers and Dispatchers of Metro Safe 911. The monetary wage increase negotiated between the parties are essential for the professional services they provide daily to this community. We hope this assists in retaining current employees, recruiting future employees and to fill the vacancies that currently exist. With the support of the Director of Emergency Services, the persistence and relentless advocation of the Union, we were able to secure the funds the employees deserve. We are thankful the Mayor and his Administration recognized the need to increase wages for these hard-working families and we are happy we could reach a mutual agreement on this important endeavor.”

Edward J. Devine, Business Representative for IBEW Local 369, said: "The wage enhancement that Executive Director of Louisville Metro Emergency Services Edward J. Meiman is offering our members is definitely a goodwill gesture that shows our members that the City does value the work that they do on a daily basis. It's always nice to be appreciated and it certainly helps financially. This should also help make us more competitive when it comes to recruiting for job vacancies at the City."  

Mayor Fischer thanked the union leaders, as well as Metro Council partners and the city’s Human Resources and Budget teams, for their work on the new agreements, noting that “additional announcements about pay, incentives and steps to improve working conditions within Louisville Metro” will be made in the coming weeks.

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