Love Our Water? Tell Us Why!

July 9, 2015

What makes you want to shout "I love Louisville's water!"? Is it when you travel and try to fill up at the tap, only to quickly dump out the glass in disgust? Is it when you take a big drink of ice cold water after a long run or perhaps even when you use water to hydrate prior to exercise? We want to know why you love Louisville's water -  the water so good it has it's own name, Louisville pure tap©!  Tell us why you love Louisville pure tap© or when it tasted the absolute best. We're holding a contest to find the top 10 #puretapmoments. Submit yours today and if your #puretapmoment is selected, it will be printed on the back of a cool t-shirt for all to see! And you'll win a cool pure tap prize pack, too! The contest runs through July 17 - so hurry!