Louisville Water: A New Age of Service

March 17, 2015

LINK Gives Every Customer a New Account Number and Ushers in a New Age of Customer Service

Louisville Water Company is ready to launch a new Customer Care and Online Payment System.  LINK, which will provide customers with online access to more information about their water usage as well as increased customer support, goes online Monday, March 23.

As part of the system, all customer accounts will receive a new, 10-digit account number. The online system allows customers to manage their Louisville Water and MSD accounts with new features.  Most notably, is the ability for customers to choose to receive an eBill instead of a traditional paper statement.  All of Louisville Water's existing payment options remain but LINK also allows customers to:

  • View their billing history, water usage and other account information
  • Choose alternate payment methods
  • Manage multiple accounts

As the system goes online, customers who currently pay their bill on Louisville Water's website will need to register with the new system.  Customers who pay their bill with online banking will need to update their account with the new, 10-digit number. If a customer currently pays by check or AutoPay, the system will match up the new account number.

Customer Care for a New Age
Many of the benefits with this system are behind-the-scenes.  The online system gives Louisville Water's Customer Care Representatives the ability to see the customer's bill during a phone conversation.  Currently, the representatives can only see a ledger of activity.  The system also eliminates many of the steps the employees currently take to create a work order or answer a question.

The data migration creates the opportunity for an eBill.  Louisville Water's current billing system, installed in 2000, does not provide this opportunity.

“We’re ushering in a new age of Customer Care,” says President and CEO Jim Brammell. “Louisville Water Company is nationally known for the excellent quality of our tap water, now we want to be known for the excellent customer service we provide. Any customer who needs to interact with Louisville Water will definitely have an elevated experience, from their ability to see account information online to working with our Customer Care team.”

Mobile Workforce Management
There is a second aspect to the system: Mobile Workforce Management.  This part of the project includes how crews receive, prioritize and complete daily work that includes meter repairs and inspections and service activation.  Currently, most of these work orders are paper files; the new system allows for mobile dispatching to help crew members more efficiently complete the daily work.

Two-year development
Louisville Water has spent the past two years working with Oracle and EY Consulting to develop and implement this new system.  Up to 50 Louisville Water employees have been part of the project team along with MSD employees.  As part of the "One Water" initiative, MSD and Louisville Water employees in the Customer Care Centers have cross-trained over the past year and MSD representatives have went through training for the new system.  When the system goes live, MSD Customer Service representatives will be able to take Louisville Water calls from their MSD office.

Louisville Water's current billing system was installed in 2000.  This project, at $29 million, is the largest capital project in the company's history centered on a customer service platform.

To prepare for the launch, Louisville Water has increased its staffing in the Customer Care Center and slowed some of its metering activity to allow employees to transition to the new system. Employees have spent the past several months in training.

To help customers transition to the new LINK system, Louisville Water has added several resources on its website such as videos, a quick and easy how-to guide, and an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.